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Best Live Moments Ever


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Just those epic moments that have only happened at certain concerts :)




Matt's demon screams during Space Dementia at the Montreux Jazz Festival and during Microcuts on the Hullabaloo DVD


Putting the guitar down and running off stage at the end of Cave in Dusseldorf


Diving into Doms drumset at Wiltern Theatre after SS


Chris running around the stage with Matt on his back at the end of Hullabaloo


All of Matt's weirdness at Bizarre festival (blue hair and yellow hair era) including the scratching guitar solo and, "check out this riff" :rolleyes:

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This is my second thread and I hope it'll be more successful than the first one...:(

Post to say what are your favorite live moments from any tour. Example:

I love all the guitar smashes from the Absolution Tour, I love the amp surf Matt did in Sheffield during BH&R and I adore the kaoss pad being played with Matt's tongue.

See? Pictures are welcome although I don't think I can post many of them...

P.S.: Is this a good thread idea? I'm new:$

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I adore the kaoss pad being played with Matt's tongue.


Link, now? :LOL: I don't understand how I missed this.


Anyway, for me it would be the 04 Stockholm Syndrom performances, mic to amp, slight destruction, ultimate Muse for me :D

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If it weren't for health and safety disagreeing we'd all be agreed that Matt flying into Wembley on his jetpack was the ultimate live moment. But for now, that's a story for another day.


The guys taking a little break from their main set for things like this,



Yeah, awesome riff! And about breaks fro the set, it would be really nice to hear more B-sides...Prague has to see its first live performance...and I want Easily! :p

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I wasn't there but when they played Megalomania on the massive organ at Royal Albert Hall was pretty awesome.



i dont know how ive never seen this, but it is simply amazing! thanks for that :)


as for me, ill have to agree with the absolution tour SS performances... ive had the pinkpop gig bookmarked for a while and i watch it when i need a pick me up :LOL: matt sitting on the drums, chris in the crowd still playing bass..love it


(ps-yay for finally joining the boards! hellooooo all!)

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