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  1. You: zetas are filling the skies again. Stranger: again? third time this week. You: i know! You: freaky isn't it Stranger: damn zetas You: how are we gonna stop them? Stranger: we could all go ಠ_ಠ trollin. XD
  2. aha yeah, i thought so. :D

    so. hello. how are you? :D

  3. my friend was listening to my mp3 player some time ago. and suddenly she went "THIS SONG IS :awesome:" i looked up to see what song that was and it was Knights! after it she went ":awesome:" again while Space Dementia was playing. and she really liked the bass of Fury. i'm so proud of her.
  4. Amazing!! You are a true MUSER! You scored 87.10% of the possible points for this test. the instrument questions got me. and some lyrics.
  5. aš irgi visai norėčiau su kuo nors važiuot, nes mano tėvai nelabai suinteresuoti vežt mane į Latviją.
  6. man ką tik buvo užėjęs laimės priepuolis, bet sužinojau, kad tas miestas toli yra. nu bet eh, vistiek!!! kai pasakiau mamai, kad noriu į Lenkiją, sako "Į Latviją nenori?" dabar bus "Taip, noriu."
  7. tiek BHaR, tiek TR labai skiriasi nuo ankstesnių Muse albumų. kas tai įtakojo velnias žino. kažin ar dėl twilight though.
  8. drawing, going home from school aaand doing homework i guess
  9. he's a great person and he's always with the band and all. but i voted no. just because i can't even imagine muse being a band with four members. muse is a three piece band. the end xD
  10. Butterflies & Hurricanes: simply because of really strong lyrics. "You've got to be the best, You've got to change the world and use this chance to be heard." Knights of Cydonia: lyrics are...............so GOOD. This song makes me fight against this stupid system. It makes me much stronger than I really am. Falling Away With You: reminds me a lot of things. Pure awesomeness this song is. Invincible: yeah, I do love that song. When I'm feeling down, I want someone to sing this to me, so I usually choose Matt. Helps a lot. Take A Bow: I dunno how to explain the feeling I get when I listen to this song. Something weird. I love it. Citizen Erased: made me think about a lot of things. The chorus hits me everytime. This song is a monster. Also, Bliss, Time Is Running Out ("I won't let you bury it, I won't let you smother it, I won't let you murder it"), Stockholm Syndrome, Space Dementia, Muscle Museum, Uprising, United States of Eurasia, In Your World mean so much to me. There are too many.
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