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  1. what about some blackout love? "don't grow up too fast and don't embrace the past this life's too good to last and I'm too young to care" kinda relates to school too.. in a creepy way edit. i have to stop using my old fucking account
  2. Hey there,

    Sorry I haven't replied! I've been having mass issues with the forum.


    Yeah the quotes from the sig are real. I met Matt twice in Feb, those are from the first time. :)

  3. my mom always comes up to my computer and compliments matt's bone structure and eyes when my desktop of muse is visible.
  4. ohh can i have you siggy pic? :D

  5. Ahaha my whole family LOVES Muse Mom, Dad, and my 20 year old sister is almost as obsessed as I am (its nice to have an obsessive buddy). We decorated the christmas tree to 'The Resistance' and my entire family plus 4 of my friends went to the concert this week. I actually got to go to both the VA and Bmore concert this week so my dad was running around the next morning singing UD and saying, "I'm soo jealous!". And my mum thinks matt is cute, it's like a dream muse family! I'm lucky tho, It'd be awful to have to live with people who can't appreciate muse
  6. what a great show, my friends and i were literally right next to/behind matt on the side of the stage. security was super nice and let us stay there towards the last half of the show, screaming and punching the air i'm just so glad i can see them again in Baltimore on wednesday!
  7. ahh here's a bit super fuzzy but its a bit [YT] [/YT] transcript: Dom: They're beating up some of the crowd. Hopefully that'll get him fucking sacked right now. Matt: Is he kicking the shit out of some fan? What's he doing? Dom: He was kicking the shit out of some girl, I noticed, as well. Matt: Who's in charge of these guys down here, do you know? Dom: Whoever it is needs to fucking sort them out. What jerks, Muse=awesome and here's a link about the gig http://www.musewiki.org/Tucson_Electric_Park_2006_%28gig%29#cite_note-yt-5
  8. eurgh at the CAC?? they don't deserve to listen to muse And if they didn't get approval, i will join you in the hell raising. One interesting place I heard muse... i was in mexico watching late hotel television and a Rolling Stones gig came on, so I watched the whole thing, and then the stones were played out by Map of the Problematic but somehow they had removed Matt's vocals from the song and gave it no credit... EDIT. ahahaAHAHA lgreen here we go!! http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1622990/20091005/muse_uk_.jhtml good old muse
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