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  1. Any idea how many tickets you're allowed to buy together? I'm buying for 6 friends, hope there isn't a restriction. If there is please let me know!
  2. I only ask as both websites don't seem to have an option for us to buy them. They just state that tickets are available on Friday.
  3. Do you only get HD downloads with the box set? I only bought the deluxe CD/DVD version.
  4. So. I pre-ordered the 2nd law over a month ago through the muse.mu store and thought it was supposed to arrive on Monday 1st of October. I still have not received anything! I emailed the support address and am yet to get a response. Is anybody else in the same boat as me? It seems as though everybody is enjoying the new album including those that did not pre-order, I would have been better off just waiting until the release date and just downloading it off itunes or amazon etc. Not happy.
  5. I thought by pre-ordering over a month ago my CD would have arrived yesterday. Still nothing yet! I live in Reading UK, shouldn't I have received this by now? Anybody else with the same problem?
  6. Just finished watching. That was awesome, all songs sounding badass. Did someone mention they actually recorded more than was shown on that video?
  7. Who the hell voted animals haha. Own up!
  8. To me, this album combines some of their best songs unfortunately thrown in with a few of their worst. Animals, Supremacy and Panic Station are truly brilliant. Return to the Muse we all know and love. Follow me sounds great live so I'll say I'm a fan of that but not a fan of the album (nero) version. I also like Liquid State and think it will be great live. Madness is growing on me and I actually really like Isolated System. Survival, Save Me are just ok at best. Explorers, Big Freeze, Unsustainable = What the hell were you thinking! I can only think that they could have made a pretty solid 8 or 9 song album by cutting out the weak tunes. On a good note. The band are sounding phenomenal live and I'm sure some of these songs we're not fans of on the album will come to new life when they are played live as most do with Muse.
  9. Totally agree with Darkshines but it's always been one of my all time faves even before the R+L performances. Despite only 2 weeks rehearsals those shows showed how much more powerful the old songs are against newer tracks like UD and Resistance. I just hope they realise that for the next tour!
  10. Absolutely phenomenal! I'm so battered and bruised, was on chris's side. The sound was great where I was, so powerful, although the wankdorf jam and undisclosed seemed very quiet. I even remember enjoying GL, that's how good it was!
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