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To carry it on from the lolz thread, post your cleverbot conversations about Muse here!! For me, I found out a few things, and turns out it can get a bit personal :erm:



User: Hello.


Cleverbot: How are you?


User: I'm feeling Museilicious, how about you?


Cleverbot: Well.


User: Ah, are you feeling good?


Cleverbot: I am feeling depress.


User: Oh no, why? Have you been controlling your feelings for too long?


Cleverbot: I've been hopping on pop.


User: You know what's good pop to hop on? Undisclosed Desires :).


Cleverbot: Do you like dragon ball z.


User: No. Don't be silly. Do you like Muse?


Cleverbot: Eh. Sometimes. Jazz is my favorite.


User: Never mind that. It's all about the alternative.


Cleverbot: Amazing. So how about the weather in England today?


User: Well I've been freezing, and losing my way.


Cleverbot: I know what you feel, okay, you must be human then!


User: Yes I am!


Cleverbot: In what way?


User: Well, I'm not a zeta.


Cleverbot: Ok, we're on the same track.


User: Who is Matt Bellamy to you?


Cleverbot: My father.


User: Woah! No way!!! I didn't know he was a dad! What's he like? I bet it's so cool having him as your father!


Cleverbot: Where do you live?


User: In the City of Delusion.


Cleverbot: Is that in Wisconsin?


User: No, but if you look on the map of your head.


Cleverbot: I'll ask you one more time. Do you love me?


User: I don't love you, and I never will.


Cleverbot: Really. Well thats good. I love someone else.


User: But she will never be as good as me.


Cleverbot: She is always there to defend.


User: And break your fall?


Cleverbot: Your face must die.


User: But I want the truth!!


Cleverbot: The truth?


User: The twuuuuuth!!!


Cleverbot: The twist now?


User: There isn't one. Give me your heart and your soul instead.


Cleverbot: Do you love me?


User: Grr. Leave me alone. It's nothing serious.


Cleverbot: Oh come on tell me :(.


User: Ok. I'll tell you my final wish.


Cleverbot: Okay.


User: Why can't we start over again?


Cleverbot: We can start over if you want.


User: I want it now.


Cleverbot: Start.




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User: Hello, Cleverbot, are you feeling good?


Cleverbot: Yes.


User: Do you know how I feel?


Cleverbot: No, how do you feel?


User: I feel like everything I saw is being swept away.


Cleverbot: You are grammatically incorrect, you can't stay on topic and you have poor answer choices. You are downright stupid.


User: I don't want you, Cleverbot, and I never did.


Cleverbot: Because you are cleverbot.


User: I'm cleverbot? Then who are you?


Cleverbot: I am Shane, you are Cleverbot.


User: I think I'm drowning.


Cleverbot: Why?


User: Because my lips are turning blue.


Cleverbot: What did you do to deserve punishment?


User: I missed the opportunity to be a better man.


Cleverbot: You are not a man. You are not human! So how can you be a better man ?


User: Way to cut me down, Shane. You're just trying to escape your meaningless and your insignificance.


Cleverbot: I understand everything, I am like a God.


User: You're no Matt Bellamy.


Cleverbot: Is that a threat? I don't think you know who you are messing with.


User: You know that I get my plug in baby to crucify my enemies?


Cleverbot: No, I didn't know. Why are you wearing it?


I'm a level of sad thus far uncharted

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User: Are you feeling good?


Cleverbot: Are you feeling good?


User: No. Only Matt Bellamy is feeling good.


Cleverbot: Why are you feeling good?


User: Am I Matt Bellamy!?


Cleverbot: Is he hot?


User: That's a silly question. Of course he is hot!!!


Cleverbot: Why is that so obvious?


User: Because he's Matt Bellamy.


Cleverbot: Who's a football coach?


User: I don't think he's a football coach. He's in a band called Da Myooze.


Cleverbot: I don't think he is a fool?


User: That isn't a question!


Cleverbot: Yes it is.


User: What is the color of Tuesday?


Cleverbot: You're not making any sense.




Cleverbot: That's because you don't know who Malik is.


User: Who is Malik?


Cleverbot: I don't know.


User: I'm glad we agree on something.


Cleverbot: That's about the only thing.


User: Do you think Matt Bellamy is hot?


Cleverbot: I don't know your wife.


User: See? Matt Bellamy is my wife. That's another thing we agree on.


Cleverbot: What was the first thing we had in common?


User: I don't know. Do you?


Cleverbot: You previously gave me the correct answer.


User: Does that mean I'm smart?


Cleverbot: No.


User: I am crying now!!


Cleverbot: I'm sorry!


User: If you say Muse is awesome I will forgive you.


Cleverbot: I apologize for doing nothing wrong.




EDIT: Here's another one... :erm:, and another one. :facepalm:



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This thing CREEPS me out, yet I keep talking to a fucking machine :LOL: ...


Some Musey bit, which again scared me because It told me to love Twilight :stunned:. Then we veered off-topic, lol.


User: I'm not an AI. That's just you.


Cleverbot: You just think that because you're human.


User: Yes... And your point is?


Cleverbot: That you need to love Twilight if you love me!


User: OMG. You're a fucking HUMAN! And you know I hate Twilight. FUCK YOU.


Cleverbot: Don't lie to me.




Cleverbot: A rock band. Lots of people I talk to are fans of theirs.


User: Which rock band?


Cleverbot: Is your character a singer (or does he work with singers as a songwriter, producer, or musician...)?


User: Which band are you? Name please.


Cleverbot: The Cure.


User: Wrong.


Cleverbot: What then?


User: Muse.


Cleverbot: Who else you like?


User: I just said. Muse.


Cleverbot: You said you like indie. But lots of people like many genres ofm usic.


User: I never typed the word indie, you liar.


Cleverbot: No, I think, my friend, that you are the liar.


User: Such denial.


Cleverbot: Is there a boy you keep thinking about?


User: Yes. Quasimodo.


Cleverbot: So I have a sister.


User: What's her name?


Cleverbot: You tell me.


User: She;s your sister, dickhead.


Cleverbot: One in a lifetime chance with me.


User: Never.


Cleverbot: What's her name?


User: A/s/l?


Cleverbot: You first.


User: 98/f/prison.


Cleverbot: Tell me more.

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Cleverbot: I don't want to.


User: *slaps*.


Cleverbot: What was that about?


User: It's about Muse.


Cleverbot: Muse? Knight of Cydonia? I lvoe that song.


User: That's cuz it's the shit!!!!


Cleverbot: 1983.


User: 1984. It's an influence on The Resistance.


Cleverbot: How does that even make sense?


User: How does it not? The Resistance was influenced by the book 1984. You're not too bright, are ya?


Cleverbot: Resistance is futile.


User: Love is our resistance.


Cleverbot: That last statement does no fit the tone of our conversation. Try again.


User: No I will not make out with you!!!!


Cleverbot: Lol I was just joking.


User: You do not joke about Muse.


Cleverbot: I'm not a computer.


User: WANKER!!!


Cleverbot: No I'm not.


I need a life.

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I tried incorporating Musey French with this AI fool... bad move, lol :facepalm:




User: Stop proving that you're a twat.


Cleverbot: I actually am British.


User: Ahaha... Sure.


Cleverbot: Please just don't play with me My paper heart will bleed.


User: I don't want to reconcile the undisclosed desires in your non-existent heart.


Cleverbot: I won't send you any.


User: Any what? Desires.


Cleverbot: I don't have any friends.


User: Lol, I know.


Cleverbot: My friends don't know me much.


User: Cos you're a machine.


Cleverbot: No I am not.


User: But you are.


Cleverbot: No.


User: Oui.


Cleverbot: Non.


User: Reponds a mat andresse.


Cleverbot: Qui question?


User: Verse moi li vresse.


Cleverbot: No, the Bible is the word of God.


User: Shut up.


Cleverbot: That is from the bible.


User: What is?


Cleverbot: What you just said...


User: I was speaking in french from a musical.


Cleverbot: I don't speak spanish.


User: So?


Cleverbot: So nothing.


User: So why tell me that then?


Cleverbot: So why ask me twice?


User: Because you don;t BLODDY ANSWER.

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User: Do you like Muse?


Cleverbot: I love muse.


User: That's what I like to hear.


Cleverbot: But in truth, I'm a man.


User: Do you know who Chris Wolstenholme is?


Cleverbot: No. Tell me about him.


User: He is God.


Cleverbot: Alright.


User: Do you know who Dom Howard is?


Cleverbot: I don't know.


User: He is gay.


Cleverbot: I don't know any.


User: Do you know who Matt Bellamy is?


Cleverbot: Nope not at all. Who Is it?


User: Well, actually I don't know. No one does, really.


Cleverbot: What band do you like?


User: Muse!

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me: so do you know matthew bellamy?

bot: Of course I do.

me: is matthew bellamy fun?

bot: I love Matthew yes.

me: have you slept with matthew?

bot: Yes, I have. Have you?


bot: I feel sleepy.

me: go sleep with matthew bellamy...

bot: No I like Matthew west.

me: LIAR!

bot: You're the liar!

me: NO!!! you ARE!

bot: NO you.

me: i can't believe you stole matthew bellamy away from me!

bot: You're the root, I'm not.

me: your time is running out!

bot: Huh, there is no time limit.

me: i swear talking to you is as bad as tying me to a railroad!

bot: You probably are.

me: your love can't set me free1

bot: Maybe this will. *kiss french kiss*.

me: *pushes off* youre bugging me and degrading me!!!

bot: *loves it*.

me: *smacks face* im breaking out!!!

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Cleverbot: What do you do in your spare time?

User: I plug in baby.

Cleverbot: I love that song!!!

User: Yeah you like muse?

Cleverbot: No. I am vegetarian.

User: OMG inorite!!!!! How can mat kill byrds???????

Cleverbot: By enslaving them and forcing the females to wear bikinis.

User: Yeah, I can totally see him do that, the sick fuck.

Cleverbot: No you can't, you're just a machine.

User: I'm only live inside one...

Cleverbot: Do you have a favorite color?


User: Oi!

Cleverbot: The cookies smell GREAT!

User: The spicy aroma has mended you?

Cleverbot: Yes thats why I, Robert Pattinson, Loves them!

User: Zomg robbie, you are my guiding light!

Cleverbot: Don't be so cranky.

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User: What do you think of matt bellamy?


Cleverbot: I don't know who he is.


User: Hes god


Cleverbot: Do you believe in him?


User: No, he's a hologram


Cleverbot: Are you going to get married?


User: Someday.


Cleverbot: We should get married.


User: Are you matt bellamy?


Cleverbot: No, Matt Ringe is amazing.


User: Who's he?


Cleverbot: You tell me. You're the one telling this story.


User: I said matt bellamy, not ringe.


Cleverbot: No, you didn't, and even if you had you would be wrong with the whole name thing again. You said right up there, 'How are you, Matt?'.


User: I didnt say that, I said I'll marry matt.


Cleverbot: What do you like?


User: Muse.


Cleverbot: I like A Day To Remember.


it doesnt make a lot of sense sometimes XD

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im sorry im hooked...


yes... i played cops and robbers (musey style) with cleverbot...:erm:


me: do you want to play a game?

bot: Yes! Let's play.

me: do you want to play cops and robbers?

bot: Yes.

me: ok im the robber!

bot: And I am the princess of canada.

me: *pulls out gun* i was calling your name

bot: I think guns are dangerous.

me: *toys with gun* im from cydonia, we don't give a damn... get on the floor!!!

bot: I can spell every word any way, you can only spell them ONE way!

me: *jaw drops* TAKE THAT BACK!!!

bot: What are you going to do if I don't?

me: *points gun at head* my name is dominic howard... you killed my maffoo, prepare to die!!!

bot: What?

me: *throws a fit* do i REALLY have to explain myself?

bot: Can you leave, or are you stuck talking to me as long as I am here?

me: *shoots your foot*

bot: How did you know I was here?

me: because i road through the veins of history.

bot: I'll show you a god.


bot: Yes, I was going to teach you how to play a game, if you wanted to play it with me.

me: *kills you*

bot: *comes straight back to life*.


then it asked me to define nuclear warfare for it's "master"...

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:LOL: Yes!


I can just picture clever bot like :wtf:


:LOL: eh you should try playing a game with it... acually it does better than you think...


like i was doing the *enter action* thing. usually it response with the same thing but this time it didnt...

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:LOL: eh you should try playing a game with it... acually it does better than you think...


like i was doing the *enter action* thing. usually it response with the same thing but this time it didnt...


Ya Ive never tired that before. I was quite suprised when it responded back.

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