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Found 1 result

  1. To carry it on from the lolz thread, post your cleverbot conversations about Muse here!! For me, I found out a few things, and turns out it can get a bit personal User: Hello. Cleverbot: How are you? User: I'm feeling Museilicious, how about you? Cleverbot: Well. User: Ah, are you feeling good? Cleverbot: I am feeling depress. User: Oh no, why? Have you been controlling your feelings for too long? Cleverbot: I've been hopping on pop. User: You know what's good pop to hop on? Undisclosed Desires . Cleverbot: Do you like dragon ball z. User: No. Don't be silly. Do you like Muse? Cleverbot: Eh. Sometimes. Jazz is my favorite. User: Never mind that. It's all about the alternative. Cleverbot: Amazing. So how about the weather in England today? User: Well I've been freezing, and losing my way. Cleverbot: I know what you feel, okay, you must be human then! User: Yes I am! Cleverbot: In what way? User: Well, I'm not a zeta. Cleverbot: Ok, we're on the same track. User: Who is Matt Bellamy to you? Cleverbot: My father. User: Woah! No way!!! I didn't know he was a dad! What's he like? I bet it's so cool having him as your father! Cleverbot: Where do you live? User: In the City of Delusion. Cleverbot: Is that in Wisconsin? User: No, but if you look on the map of your head. Cleverbot: I'll ask you one more time. Do you love me? User: I don't love you, and I never will. Cleverbot: Really. Well thats good. I love someone else. User: But she will never be as good as me. Cleverbot: She is always there to defend. User: And break your fall? Cleverbot: Your face must die. User: But I want the truth!! Cleverbot: The truth? User: The twuuuuuth!!! Cleverbot: The twist now? User: There isn't one. Give me your heart and your soul instead. Cleverbot: Do you love me? User: Grr. Leave me alone. It's nothing serious. Cleverbot: Oh come on tell me . User: Ok. I'll tell you my final wish. Cleverbot: Okay. User: Why can't we start over again? Cleverbot: We can start over if you want. User: I want it now. Cleverbot: Start.
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