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  1. Took my friend to this last night after I'd spent the last 3 years banging on about how awesome they were at Wembley and, as usual, they were on top form. Surprising highlights for me last night were Panic Station - I thought the whole graphics thing with the politicians on the world was hilarious, and Follow Me - which I've never really liked as a song until last night but it worked well live, the crowd around me soaked it up really well! Liked Bastille, not a fan of Dizzee (so I was heard going "Come on, hurry up and let Muse get on" for a bit of his set) but as far as live performances ago it was pretty solid. The crowd around me were surprised when it ended after Starlight though, although the curfew had pretty much hit.
  2. Track 1: Take a Bow Track 2: Bliss Track 3:Panic Station Track 4: Syndrome Track 5: Plug in Baby Track 6: Hysteria Track 7: Assassin Track 8: Butterflies & Hurricanes Track 9: City of Delusion Track 10: Feeling Good Track 11: Knights of Cydoni Track 12: The 2nd Law: Isolated System __________________
  3. Well I just started dated someone, and we were talking about music. Turns out he's a big dubstep fan. Also turns out he really doesn't like Muse and started comparing them to JLS, claiming the latter were more musically talented. Remind me why I'm seeing this guy again next week?
  4. This news is completely unsurprising...but awesome
  5. I was queueing in Wilkinsons the other day and was on the verge of purchasing some perfume that was called Muse, just because. But then I saw it was Kate Moss or someone else I don't care about so I saved my money. Also, this morning I woke up with 'Unnatural Selection' in my head, but the words had changed to 'Immaculate Conception' because, you know, it's nearly Christmas and all that.
  6. God, I haven't been on this board in a while (apart from yesterday), good to see this thread is still going!! But I just tried to have a convo with Cleverbot and it just ended up giving me a load of sass and we had an argument so I left.
  7. What an awesome idea! Perfect for some uni essay procrastination time Here's Assassin - translated from English to Swahili, to Japanese, to Welsh, to Russian then back to English: The war is irrelevant. It's time for you In order to bring down your leader Connect the power ground loss of control acceleration Hogging and interesting By the time the cancellation I'm not talking these people Wild and theft Slayer is born
  8. Was at uni today rehearsing for a drama thing and all of a sudden heard a familiar song - Apocalypse Please. Went to the room window and looked down into the great hall to find about 20 dancers doing a rather awesome dance to this song! BRB gona go to some of my own Muse choreography
  9. Umm...no offence, but what does this have to do with Muse, exactly? Well, apart from Matt's severe lack of fashion sense.
  10. Not really a random musing but stumble upon took me to this page, and I actually though it was Matt for a second: http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/arts-culture/photos/10-real-life-ways-muggles-can-experience-harry-potter/change-your-name
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