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Dead Star vs In Your World

Which song do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which song do you prefer?

    • Dead Star
    • In Your World

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I searched, but couldn't find a thread in which these two battle it out! It's not like the Muse Song Tournament thing, I just want to know which one people prefer, as I usually find myself torn between the two! :(


I have a feeling Dead Star will win, but ya never know ;)...


I'm leaning sliiiightly more towards DS at the mo, but it changes often, lol. :rolleyes:

I def. think In Your World is verryyyy underrated, though. It's an awesome song!


Anyhoo(doo)... vote, please!

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I can't vote on this.


In my opinion, studio: In Your World > Dead Star

Live: Dead Star > In Your World

+ 1 to this. The piano at the start of the studio version of In Your World and then going into that awesome guitar riff just blows my mind. But live there's no doubt Dead Star is better. Would love them to do an In Your World live version with the piano at the start. :D But it won't happen.
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