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    I'm your favourite worst nightmare haha !!
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  1. I was on chat two days ago if I remember it right,lol!Received your mail on fb:happy:


    We'll speak soon!

  2. I'm fine Grace :) thank you

    As you can see, i'm not often on chat. I'll write you an email on fb soon ;)



  3. I'm good Val,busy with work as always:p:LOL:

    How have you been my dear?


    Miss you..:kiss:

  4. :kiss:


    Hi !!!


    How are you lovely ?


    Love, Val.

  5. Hello Lilly !


    Thanks for your message :)

    I'm fine, thanks. I'm definitly on holidays. I passed my exams, i'm very happy. On september, i'll be in another town in France to finish my Master degree.

    Everything's fine for me :) Love, work & health ! :)


    How about you ? Tell me about your vacations. Do you have some plans ?


    Love, Val.

  6. xD I was being overly poetic.

    Everything's fine. I'm actually making an effort in school now. But luckily, I am so incredibly intelligent, there's not much I have to do. (I'm very modest, too)

    Planning summer vacation, too. Since I can go anywhere except for the UK, apparently. Yay.

    What about you? How're the masters coming along?



  7. omg, it's so sweet :)


    Je t'embrasse aussi ma petite Lilly :kiss:


    A très bientôt j'espère que tu vas bien !!


    Bisous !!!!! ;)

  8. Valérie,

    je t'embrace, ma chèrie.

  9. Val:kiss:


    No worries hun..I try not to be always on board..but I just couldn't help it:chuckle::LOL:

    I'm alright thanks very much.We'll speak soon:)


    Take care always.Love

  10. wOO HOO Grace my Love :kiss:


    I'm glad you post a message for me :) i know i'm not often here and i don't reply very quickly, i'm sorry.

    I hope you're fine and thank you so much to keep in touch with me.



  11. Bonjour ma belle!:D

    the arrow - - - > points at yer LB :p:LOL:

  12. Sorry Lilly, i'm going to reply right now :p

    There's something i misunderstood i think/



  13. Dayum, Eartheh!

    Why not replying to my message? Aye? Aye?

  14. oh wow Wembley stadium, terrific !!



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