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Do you want Muse Bobbleheads in the store?  

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Right, well a few of you might notice that Niall and Gem have created a twitter campaign to get Muse to play Escape live once again for the upcoming Resistance Tour. Now this may seem quite important to some, however i feel that a subject has been skimmed over for too many years and needs to be dealt with immediately.


The muse store needs muse bobbleheads.


Simple as, great for in the car or your desk, speakers pumping out a bit of stockholm whilst the heads bounce along...


Now I feel they're missing a trick here by not having these and so am requesting the whole Muser world to come together to ask kindly whether we could get these to venture into the ole shop of theirs. Who's with me?


If you want to get involved then very simply, on twitter use the hashtag #wewantmusebobbleheads


Or Retweet "@musewire Get Muse Bobbleheads in the store! #wewantmusebobbleheads"


This can take place alongside the #playescapelive campaign, but I do feel this is more important in the grand scheme of things.


Good day sir,

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I wondered how long it'd take for an anti-ML (or anti me in this case?) post to crop up :p. Seriously guys, grow up. This whole forum is riddle with ML-hate, some of it coming from people who haven't even visited the site. I'm not going to bother writing up my arguments against the haters again - I've done that many times now, yet the hate still comes. Selective hearing/reading maybe.


</rant> I am hungover and therefore in a bad mood, apologies :(

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