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  1. Has Bellamy hit a bum note? #bringbackzayn
  2. Popey

    Dear Niall

    Copy. Paste. Save as draft. Keeping that for later.
  3. Popey

    Dear Niall

    Hmm which side to take? I mean I could opt for those saying that the use of such words is utterly abhorrent. I mean after all, I'm not one to revel in anyone's unhappiness or upset. However, I can't help but root for people who defend the use of such language, purely on the basis of the hypocrisy of the former camp. Decisions, decisions.
  4. Could have at least spliced in some clips from Skyfall given it was the official bond song... oh wait, never mind, my bad.
  5. Finally time to start enjoying this legally.
  6. Oh, just listened to it again and he does indeed say it's one track. My mistake. Now does he mean one track as in just unsustainable or does he mean 2nd law as in the two tracks?
  7. Because it's a trailer and is there to give a broad overview of what the album will sound like. If I recall correctly I do think Bellamy even said in the interview with Zane that it shows a few of the extremes on the album. It's nothing concrete to say that it isn't one song, I just don't think it can be ruled out. Especially given that Unsustainable is just one part of a two parter.
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