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  1. How are you?:p sorry just trying to start conversations with my friends on here!!!!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Totally. Wordpress is AWESOME! I'm working on a framework at the moment so I can start building them a lot faster. I need a bigger one, only one's I have at the moment are A5 for doodles really.

  4. Yes I had a good christmas and got lots of nice pressies! I didn't get anything design wise though. Oh gosh I really need to use my sketchbook, I am thinking about starting a blog so I am going to investigate wordpress this week. The best bet with design books is to just go into a bookshop and just browse. :happy:

  5. Howdy! Nah I didn't get one in the end, didn't trust my mum to get the right one. Going shopping later maybe to get a new sketch book and might pick up one then if I can find one. Did you get a good haul?

  6. Ello Ello Ellooooo! Did you get a design book for christmas? If you did what did you get? :D

  7. Make's chat fun when you (pope:pope:) in. Stir's every1 up.:LOL:Take care:musesign::musesign:

  8. Have a great day.:musesign::pope::musesign:

  9. Cry me a river?

  10. Why on Earth do you have Fred Dinneage as your avatar??

  11. Aye, truth. I don't think there's a certain group of geeks I identify with more... namely Jeff. :)

  12. Ah wow awesome :D Not many folks appreciate TRS, it's a crime!

  13. Catching up on TRS, I heard your name mentioned in 109... and your background too. I nearly shit my pants. Nice going! XD

  14. Meep

    This eye on springfield blog is amazing :awesome:





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