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  1. What I was doing was trying to help. I know what you meant and I sent an email to a lecturer asking if it could be done. The general response is that It would be possible. But extremely hard to maintain, manufacture and make financially viable. By all means. Talk down to someone doing engineering at university as hey! They didn't give you the resources on a plate.... But I'm sure your course isn't a cake walk either, and therefore expect that any ideas should be followed through by proper research via multiple medium. The vibrations from the room would still vibrate through the building despite the vacuum. The only way to do that properly is to have glass walls with double/triple glazing as that would be viable structurally. But think again. If you hear a sound from outside in a "normal" house with double glazing. You don't hear the sound louder through the wall, with the insulation you turn your nose up at. But through the double glazing with the vacuum. Or are there special windows over in Ireland? I don't know, I could do research, or you could tell me, at which my response would be to belittle you and tell you to do a few years of engineering, or a proper degree, then give me a shout... I have followed all forum rules except rules one, which you have also broken, both now, and with my previous ban. Six, where reporting a mod to another mod is useless. I have not however broken rule seven as I have not argued publicly about any "decision". This will be my last post on this forum. A certain mod, who I cannot name for fear of breaking the rules, has previously banned me for no good reason and publicly belittles a forum user that tries to help him. I am not leaving for any other reason. I have no gripe with other members on the forum. It's sad that i'm taking this to extremes but when I can no longer help another forum member or advertise the sale of an item (The reason for my previous ban. Not however the "multiple accounts" or "Ignoring moderator warnings" Other mods can check this [not breaking rule seven as this is a statement not an argument],) Shakespeare: "A person is remembered for his entrances and exits." If this holds true. What a shit memory...
  2. Seriously man... Google is your friend. Result 1 Result 2
  3. Holy grammar Batman!
  4. Wooden airframes are glued with epoxy, so that's why I recommend that. It doesn't matter really, so long as the bond is good and its left to cure for a while...
  5. The "custom hardware" would be machined out of solid aluminium on a lathe. Nothing more, nothing less. It would be pointless making them out of any other metal, then electroplating them unless it was to be a mass produced item, Even then it wouldn't make much sense to electroplate it with aluminium.
  6. Pin it with metal dowels, then glue it into place with wood glue. Leave to cure. Problem neck?
  7. Bonjour.


    Could you change my name to: ಠ_ಠ




  8. The smaller scale will be better for your hands as the neck isnt as long and frets closer together. Its not a world of difference but you will feel it, and so long as you have heavy strings, there shouldn't be a problem for drop tuning either. If both are made from the same wood, with the same wood necks and with similar electrics they will sound similar. But then again, no 2 guitars sound the same.
  9. My strap pins on my guitar are parallel, and not once... EVER has my strap fallen off, I dont use strap locks or any other methods to keep it on. Plus it looks much neater.
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