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Why the Muse Hate?


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Is there a source for this? Because if so... hoo boy.


Can't remember any specific sources but I distinctly remember Matt saying something like "we knew that'd get the biggest reaction so we put that out first to freak people out". Not really surprising tbf, it was obvious that was the reason anyway.


At least with Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry, I could sort of hear where they were coming from, but you have to remember that by that point, Radiohead was long past the OK Computer era and had moved on to weird electronic music


I'm not sure what Radiohead you can hear on Origin :LOL:


(also the comparisons were at their peak when Showbiz came out, which was a year before Kid A and people's perception of RH started to change)


I swear if I have to hear that meme from one other Muse hater I am going to flip. :mad:


Though I've heard Matt Bellamy's voice called a ripoff of Thom Yorke's, but... nah, Thom has a more somber depressing tone while Matt goes for extreme hamminess. Also, both are British singers in the alternative scene who cite Jeff Buckley as an influence. Of course they're going to sound alike. Doesn't make one a ripoff of the other, though. Saying one band is a ripoff of the other just because their singers sound alike is BS.


This is like all those people in the '70s who claimed that Queen, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin were all Cream ripoffs.


Ripoff is the wrong word because it implies that the similarities were intentional, I can fully understand why people (including Thom) who didn't really know the band well enough thought they were back then though. There are quite a few similarities between Showbiz and The Bends/OKC besides Matt and Thom's voices.

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I've never really come across any Muse hate online. I guess I don't hang out on too many places where such things are discussed. In real life, at least in the US, most people seem quite enthusiastic about them, or they're indifferent. They're not summoning negative emotions like Nickelback or Justin Bieber do.


This board, of course, loves to throw around some healthy dislike for the band, or at least part of their discography. Which is fair, mostly, because even if it's a matter of taste they sure give us some legitimate causes for discussion.

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Always good to hear real music on this forum ^^^


At least with Showbiz and Origin of Symmetry, I could sort of hear where they were coming from, but you have to remember that by that point, Radiohead was long past the OK Computer era and had moved on to weird electronic music, becoming mostly just the Thom Yorke show, so if Radiohead wasn't going to give us rock, then why not have Muse take over? (Especially since by Absolution, the Radiohead influences were practically invisible.)


Radiohead is very much all members, far from the Thom Yorke show. Also Johnny Greenwood 'solo' stuff is far weirder than anything put out by Radiohead, who are far from 'weird electronic music', more radio-friendly versions of Warp Records stuff at their weirdest.

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I wouldn't call any of them ripoffs. Matt was the one who actually tried to sound like Jeff, but didn't really have the technique to pull it off. Thom was more inspired in the traditional sense. he already had most of his sound before the release of Grace.

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In a follow-up paper, the students did just that. They extended the zombie life span to one year in order to up the challenge a bit, but also gave each human a 10 percent chance of killing a zombie each day. They also accounted for human reproduction, assuming reproductive-age women would be able to have a baby once every three years.


These assumptions provided some hope for humanity. Under this model, the human population rapidly dropped off to a few hundred again. However, the zombies died off after 1,000 days, under this model; 10,000 days after the beginning of the epidemic, the human population would start to recover again, the students found.


So basically we're fine in any more realistic circumstance.

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I always imagine it would go down like Shaun of the Dead where we just don't notice until it's really bad. :chuckle:


tbf, it's also based on models of epidemic diseases, and that would be something we couldn't take care of in a timely fashion.

Does make me wonder if there would be some sort of movement where people objected to killing zombies in case it was treatable, or because it's a sin to take human life...

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Tbh I can't remember a time when Muse weren't polarising. BH&R was probably their peak in terms of critical acclaim. I remember there was a video on youtube about the 2005 NME awards. There was a panel discussing the various bands, and for the most part they had nothing nice to say about Muse. Funnily enough Russell Brand was the only one to really like them and predicted they were on their way to being very successful.


I think a lot of people listen to their songs and see the way they're marketed and think they take themselves way more seriously than they actually do.

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Well, okay, but the fact that there is a large group of people who still believe that Muse is a Radiohead ripoff makes me lose some hope for the world.


Is there a large group though? I think I only ever see it pop up as a meme at this point and, even then, it's not a common thing.


There might still be a slight rivalry thing between fans (I remember my optician joking with me about it back in like 2010/11) but I don't think many people think Muse still actively sound like Radiohead.

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