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2016.04.17 - SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland


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First time I (well my other half actually as I was at work) managed to get Muse tour gig tickets. I saw them once at a festival...but that just did not seem the same as a tour...also how come someone got seating tickets? I though they only gave standing at presale...


Anyhow, I wonder if my luck in acquiring tickets, came from many people deciding halfway during their Ticketmaster purchase...'UhUh I ain't paying 70 quid for some drones...'

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Got two seated tickets this morning, after half an hour's anguished attempts. Sneaked out of work at 08:50, drive home, logged in then aaaarrrrgh! Back to work 09:30 with smug grin, but couldn't boast or the game was up, lol!


Really wanted standing, but hey ho, I'm in! Anyone got a decent seating plan? Couldn't work out where we are on that teeny map.


Ticketmaster really hacked me off, and thought at 09:05 we had totally missed out again (couldn't get tix for barrowlands gig, gutted) but the website sorted itself in the end.


Happy, now roll on April!

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** EDIT** cancel that, I got one for the second night fckin yassssssssssss

but if anyone's got a spare ticket near the time i'd happily go both nights!!



So I was working on Wednesday for the presale.

mistakenly left my brother in charge of booking tickets, then he and his friends decided it was too expensive and weren't going, phoned him, by this point (about 9:30) everything had sold out.

so camped out this morning for general release, no standing tickets whatsoever, and when I then searched for seats - nada. all sold out in the space of 2 minutes.

I am absolutely gutted and can't miss the Hydro gig, its only a couple of miles away. I'm hoping they add another night!

so i'm looking for a standing ticket if any of you wonderful Musers have a spare one and you're feeling kind! preferably face value (+fees) of course.

do let me know!


congrats to everyone who got tickets.

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i bought tickets to the Glasgow gig and have been trying to get the download of the album but cant get it to work for some reason

Anyone else have this issue?

I am trying to download it through the website shop and inputting an 8 digit code in the voucher section, is that correct?

Any help would be appreciated


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I got a seating ticket to night 2 i was just wondering what time is reccomended i get there, i dont mind about missing the support band i just dont want to get there for say 8pm and then get stuck in a cue missing some of Muse's set.


Any help would be appreciated :)

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Anyone know if standing is allowed (or safe) in Glasgow seats (not on them obviously). I've never been before but it looks like Leeds and that was too steep for people to stand. I just can't imagine a MUSE gig sat down.


I'm wondering the same. I'm pretty tall and at one of the higher sections so I wouldn't want to block anyones view, and I also dont want to look awkward trying to stand at a really steep section haha

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