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  1. They make me laugh so hard with the "Yeah nah, done with the tech, stripping it back, just the music, blah blah." Even the RAH show had a bloody brilliant light show, just for a one-off.
  2. https://www.nme.com/news/music/muse-admit-theyve-finally-gone-far-current-world-tour-2461790
  3. Have been a Muse gig where sitting was enforced in seats, that was really annoying. Especially as there are people who apparently think it's sensible to drink masses of beer and then get up and go for a piss every 10 minutes.
  4. The problem appears to be that the top-tier VIPs get lined up and then the second-tier VIPs behind them, and then they start letting those people in 5 minutes before doors, so by the time the second-tier VIPs get in, the GA doors have opened. And deffo at Dallas, not sure about the others, but the GA entrance was closer to the front than the VIP internal doors. Recipe for a cluster all round.
  5. Hmm that'd be handy for having a day down the front and a day in seats... but I'm trying to get sorted for doing a festie the weekend before so may be too skint, haha
  6. Yeah using a phone in your hand while in control of a vehicle with the engine running is illegal here. Gemsy where's the info about the wristbands at Houston? Are the venues owned/run by the same organisation?
  7. Lots of that about 🙂 The mods should be able to help you
  8. I flippin' hate when they start a tour in a time-zone that I can't keep up with any more. And I want to be at the first gig myself And there goes my waaaahmbulance. Right, time to catch up...
  9. Ask the mods, they should be able to find and merge your old account
  10. Yay! Hm wonder why it didn't work before
  11. I lost the bottom of the reply box when I tried that just now 😕 Probably my stupid laptop. Needs better hamsters.
  12. I tried with a gif and it just showed the link in the preview
  13. Eheheh... Is there a bbcode view? Also how does embedding youtube vids and gifs work now?
  14. Hurro! Can't believe I'm only doing this gig. But the bastards booked Bristol for the middle of a daughter's exam week. Couldn't have been half-term, oh no! Gits.
  15. So I dunno if this will end up as a pinned thread or a new one will be started or what, but... There's no 'keep me signed in' option, and if I go straight to forum.muse.mu it makes me sign in and then redirects to the members' [snigger] area instead of to the forum, and then when I click the forum link it makes a new tab. I use firefox. Just niggles but making the board run more smoov is gonna help with user numbers, amirite?
  16. eyup! can we have the 'plane thread unlocked? :-D

  17. oh thanks about the Carrefour, that's really handy to know :)

  18. I think some of the other folk on the thread might find the info useful, do you mind if I copy it there or would you like to post yourself?



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