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    Done alot of random jobs in my life so far, including, football coaching, an holiday repping :D
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    Fife, Scotland
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    Sports, Films, Music, MUSE
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    lol well if i cant put muse, er, foo fighters, biffy, pendulum, them crooked vultures
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    well i work there so i see them all, but recently kick ass
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    family guy an south park
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    All The Albums! an coutless gigs
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    BBC One Big Weekend, Dundee 2006
    T on the Frige, Edinburgh 2006
    Secc, Glasgow 2009
    San Siro 2010
    T in the Park 2010
    Wembley 2010 (11th)
    SECC 2012
    Etihad 2013
    Barrowlands, Glasgow 2015
    Hydro Night 1 2016
    Hydro Night 2 2016
    Belfast Vital 2017
    Ashton Gate, Bristol 2019
    Birmingham Arena 2019
  1. Hey, no idea where this would be suited but here goes anyway... Does anyone who uses plex know if theres a plex for all things muse? would make life so much happier?
  2. andyindauk

    Birmingham Arena gig

    Sadly not me, some guy got it before me from the mixing desk though. I thought due to the late start that TV was dropped but seemed it was never due to be played sadly. Totally agree with your thoughts tho, much better indoors with the lighting but thought the stage and sounds was smaller than the outdoor gigs
  3. andyindauk

    Birmingham Arena gig

    I can assure you TV wasn't played... When the stage started the sink so did my happiness with it, they must of cut a song here
  4. andyindauk

    Birmingham Arena gig

    Don't... It was bitterly disappointing to not hear it
  5. Kinda hoping for a change in the set list since it’s not rotated at all
  6. whats going on??? i cant buy them cos im not with american express???
  7. Just back, was standing and is hard to get any kind of jumping going as was a really varied age range... Pretty sure I saw a guy in his 80s! Was waiting for the same old set list and was pleasantly surprised when map was unleashed and got better with bliss sadly no assassin. The band during the first few songs seemed really up for it, somewhat angry looking especially when riffing, and back to laughing at each other during the rest. Looking forward to sitting tomorrow and fully appreciating the set up of everything. ** there's 3 guys following the reaper drone... Shoving everyone in their path ... Just incase lol ** Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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