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  1. Muse are weird 10 years ago they had no issues closing with Take A Bow, they really should have tried closing with Reapers again at last years festivals they even had a lyric video for the song at that point...
  2. I got a seating ticket to night 2 i was just wondering what time is reccomended i get there, i dont mind about missing the support band i just dont want to get there for say 8pm and then get stuck in a cue missing some of Muse's set. Any help would be appreciated
  3. [Drones] Dead Inside Follow Me Save Me Unintended Resistance [Drill Sargent] + Revolt (Intro) + Feeling Good Neutron Star Collision (Space Dementia Intro) + Explorers (Prelude) + I Belong To You {Twilight Version} MK Jam Madness (Extended Intro) + Undisclosed Desires [JFK] + Aftermath Soldiers Poem Mercy [Drones Reprise] (Futurism Intro) + Guiding Light Baby {Justin Beiber Cover} Starlight
  4. If Muse insist on still doing short gigs could they at least have there sets look a bit like this, it isn't perfect but would be a major improvement. 1. Psycho 2. Supermassive Black Hole 3. Mercy 4. Hysteria / Plug In Baby 5. Resistance / Dead Inside 6. Apocalypse Please / Eurasia / Hoodoo 7. Munich Jam 8. Madness 9. Time Is Running Out 10. Map Of The Problematique / Bliss / Supremacy 11. The Handler [JFK] 12. Revolt / Defector 13. Starlight 14. Uprising 15. Reapers 16. Stockholm Syndrome / New Born / Citizen Erased 17. The Globalist [Drones] 18. Showbiz / Assassin / Fury 19. Knights Of Cydonia
  5. Personally I would rather Stockholm be rotated with another hard rock song like Dead Star or Assassin. Also I have to say wtf is with Madness being in the fucking encore for the Rome gig...
  6. Some of the best to me - Space Dementia > Hyper Music > Plug In Baby > Citizen Erased - Eurasia + Collateral Damage > Guiding Light > Unnatural Selection > MK Ultra - City Of Delusion > Hoodoo > Knights Of Cydonia Some of the worst to me - Take A Bow > Starlight (Should have been SMBH or MOTP after TAB) - Showbiz > Unintended - MK Ultra > I Belong To You - Most of Absolution
  7. Psycho The Small Print Yes Please Hysteria Panic Station Dead Inside Bliss (Extended) Map Of The Problematique Munich Jam [intro] + Apocalypse Please Sunburn New Born Dead Star The Handler Butterflies & Hurricanes Starlight Survival Plug In Baby Showbiz + (Ashamed Riff) The Globalist Take A Bow [JFK] + Defector Uprising Futurism Assassin Reapers
  8. We are talking about the same band that played Undisclosed Desires and Starlight while supporting Rage Against The Machine... Also aren't these festivals in Germany heavy festivals like Download i couldn't find out much about them but the line up seems rather rock/metal focused.
  9. Follow Me the electronic sound is a bit annoying to listen too but the big reason its the worst song on The 2nd Law to me is because Matt does not use a guitar or use a piano.
  10. Psycho Plug In Baby Dead Inside (Interlude) + Hysteria The Small Print MK Ultra Cave Sunburn Apocalypse Please New Born The Handler Twin Starlight Bliss Map Of The Problematique Survival Butterflies & Hurricanes Yes Please Assassin Reapers
  11. . Thank you for the link first one that worked for me. Reapers sounds awesome the outro especially, shame Matt's voice sounds different to the live versions i feel it sounds better but the studio version is so much more easy to understand. Funny thing i joke that the CIA have a "true headquarters" and that there "real name" is Cunts In America a all female secret service (well main HQ anyway), thought i would mention that since Matt mentions the CIA in Reapers and there is a woman controlling the drone Also i could never fully understand the lyrics while listening to the live version but what he says about the governments using lies and deceit and people being on there side so fucking true and i hate its that way, not that it would change anything in the world but i wish Reapers was a single maybe some people may think a bit more... Also then i could make my nickname for the CIA official.
  12. I'm debating whether to go to Download or not (its pretty much just for Muse) but since they announced there Mexico shows i have a feeling they may not play UK arena's this year still thinking about it but tempted to go since there is a chance they will play Assassin & Dead Star.
  13. Resistance Neutron Star Collision Feeling Good Explorers Follow Me Soilders Poem Unintended Starlight (20 minute intro) + Undisclosed Desires Guiding Light (Extended)
  14. Chears for uploading this very well done, Assassin sounded fucking heavy XD
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