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  1. Algorithm (alternative) Pressure Pyscho Break it to me Pray The dark side Smbh Thought contagion Uprising Propaganda Madness The void Dig down (gospal) Mercy Tab Prelude Starlight Algorithm Metal Medley edited - stockholm/handler/assassin/newborn (no piano) End
  2. 10.99 Amazon video or Google play Was good, felt weird watching knowing it's not the correct order. Would like the soundtrack now
  3. Hey, no idea where this would be suited but here goes anyway... Does anyone who uses plex know if theres a plex for all things muse? would make life so much happier?
  4. Sadly not me, some guy got it before me from the mixing desk though. I thought due to the late start that TV was dropped but seemed it was never due to be played sadly. Totally agree with your thoughts tho, much better indoors with the lighting but thought the stage and sounds was smaller than the outdoor gigs
  5. I can assure you TV wasn't played... When the stage started the sink so did my happiness with it, they must of cut a song here
  6. Don't... It was bitterly disappointing to not hear it
  7. Kinda hoping for a change in the set list since it’s not rotated at all
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