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  1. Sunday set list was just awesome. So awesome in fact that my missus went online mid-gig and got us standing tickets for the Monday for £44 each. When you have to travel 250 miles to see muse, you might as well treat yourself to even more muse. Definitely doing the same next tour. Madness. WTF was up with it? Sync error somewhere, dunno, but it was jarring to listen to. Not too fussed as its not my favourite. But getting CE and SS made my night. The Globalist stageshow was spectacular, to say the least. Truly cinematic experience. Raising the bar once again lads. Thankyooooou.
  2. Got two seated tickets this morning, after half an hour's anguished attempts. Sneaked out of work at 08:50, drive home, logged in then aaaarrrrgh! Back to work 09:30 with smug grin, but couldn't boast or the game was up, lol! Really wanted standing, but hey ho, I'm in! Anyone got a decent seating plan? Couldn't work out where we are on that teeny map. Ticketmaster really hacked me off, and thought at 09:05 we had totally missed out again (couldn't get tix for barrowlands gig, gutted) but the website sorted itself in the end. Happy, now roll on April!
  3. Got our Glasgow tickets by courier last week, ordered from viagogo..... can't wait to see Muse again. This will be the third time, after SECC for the Blackholes tour, then at Wembley for Resistance, which was totally gobsmackingly awesome!! Tho we missed the Biffy night, damnit! I see The Killers are playing two days later at the SECC, which would be good but can't afford tickets as we paid a shedload over the odds for these Muse ones.
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