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  1. Hi, didn't expect to get back home to Glasgow in time for this but just arrived. Any chance anyone still has a spare ticket going?
  2. Try this: I used it recently for the exact same problem on a couple of guitars that I hadn't used for a couple of years. It solved the problem for me. Hope it works for you too. You can get switch spray from Maplins amongst other places
  3. Tourism can offer rural residents business opportunities in activities that cater to the tourist trade.

    Such locally-operated businesses, which may be seasonal, can provide local residents with

    valuable opportunities to develop business skills and can give local crafters, farmers, and food

    processors, among others, outlets to sell their products to local retail establishments. Farmers

    growing fresh produce can take advantage of tourism to establish direct marketing channels for8

    ready-to-eat products, which may also serve as outlets for processed foods such as jams, jellies,

    breads, and preserves.


    Heritage tourism refers to leisure travel that has as its primary purpose the experiencing of places

    and activities that represent the past. A principal concern of heritage tourism is historical

    authenticity and long-term sustainability of the attraction visited. Active local involvement is

    also typically a key component of successful heritage tourism endeavors. Baldwin’s (1994)

    study of a local heritage festival in northeastern Tennessee represents a good example of a

    successful heritage tourism program that fostered community involvement in an economically

    underdeveloped rural community. A different heritage tourism focus is provided by DeLyser’s

    (1995) article on ghost towns, which emphasizes that such towns in the West may have rich

    histories that can be attractive to potential tourists

    A second major type of rural tourism activity is nature-based tourism/ecotourism (sometimes

    called recreation-based tourism), which refers to the process of visiting natural areas for the

    purpose of enjoying the scenery, including plant and animal wildlife. Nature-based tourism may

    be either passive, in which observers tend to be strictly observers of nature, or active


    adventure travel activities. McDaniel’s (2001) article of southwestern Virginia, which highlights

    the tourism potential of the region’s scenic and abundant recreational activities, is a

    representative example. Guglielmino (1998) cautions that although ecotourism represents a

    viable economic development strategy for rural areas with natural resources, even successful

    ventures require patience for local communities. Also, as noted by King and Stewart (1996),

    undertaking ecotourism, unless managed carefully, can sometimes pit people against local

    natural resources. This suggests a strong need for pursuing sustainable development in

    ecotourism activities, as suggested by Lash (1998), who argues that the needs of the local

    community, visitors, and the environment can best be met through a synergistic approach

    between development and the environment that will not degrade the resource base

    A third major form of tourism is agritourism, which refers to, “the act of visiting a working farm

    or any agricultural, horticultural or agribusiness operation for the purpose of enjoyment,

    education, or active involvement in the activities of the farm or operation” (Lobo, 2001). It

    includes taking part in a broad range of farm-based activities, including farmers’ markets,

    “petting” farms, roadside stands, and “pick-your-own” operations; engaging in overnight farm or

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    ranch stays and other farm visits; and visiting agriculture-related festivals, museums, and other

    such attractions. (See Dane (2001b) for a discussion of agritourism, including a listing of some

    examples of this type of tourism.) Hilchey’s (1993a) publication provides a detailed discussion

    of various farm-based tourism enterprises available to farmers in New York State. He notes that

    long-term trends in consumer demand for tourism and recreation suggest that agritourism

    enterprises can help provide an important niche market for farmers throughout the Nation.

    Hilchey (1993b) also notes that three factors are often the key to successful agritouris

  4. Cheers, I just gave them an email as it will be really useful to know when I will be £3000 lighter. Hopefully they will give me an idea what month they expect things to be ready by
  5. Cool, might give them an email to try and get a rough idea. Don't even know how far down the list I am. Can't wait to plug it in!
  6. Any ideas when these will be finished yet? Just planning when I'll have to stump up the rest of the cash. Were the MB-1s etc sent out one by one when they were made or in batches? Cheers
  7. I initially said MBK2, then after your valid point that originally it was motherbucker in the bridge, I decided to go for MBK3. My Trussart is awesome for clean tones too so this can be the heavy riffage guitar. Cant wait to get it already. Went for full spec with MBK3. Expense!
  8. MBK3 or MBK2??? I've never heard the MBK3 before and not sure what to go for. Whats the general consensus? I really like to be able to get a clean tone, but then again usually use the neck pick-up for the clean stuff. The MBK2 sounds more versatile but the MBK3 sounds more sexy...
  9. So...who's ordered one? I took the plunge. I think I would have regretted it if I hadn't done and they never did another run.
  10. Cheers! Well, looks like that its going to be expense central by the time all the bells and whistles are added! Could almost buy 2 James Trussart guitars! Emm, Anyone put down a deposit for one of these bad boys yet then?
  11. "Options Manson Custom Hardware DL-1 (£250) DL-1F/DL-1FP (£275)" ....What is the difference between the regular hardware and the custom hardware? Anyone ordered the DL-1 yet? I really want aluminum on the headstock too!
  12. I would quite like fret markers on the fret board too. Either way, I reckon I'm gonna purchase one but at nearly £4000 it would be nice to have it spot on
  13. shame, I hate it when corners are cut!! Do you reckon they'll clad the whole thing if you ask them nicely (and give them more money?) I would also like piezo saddles!
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