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    Glasgow based - originally from East Kilbride.
    I'm a professional actor and a musician.
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    Royal Blood, NIN, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Heavens Basement, QotSA, T.Rex, AC/DC, Angels & Airwaves, Slash, (& Myles Kennedy & Co.), Led Zep, Jack White, Rachmaninov + many many more.
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    1984. Need a good book - suggestions welcome!
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    T2L (CD/DVD), Live @ Rome (BLURAY/CD),
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    Glasgow SECC 9th November 2009 - The Resistance Tour
    Wembley Stadium, London 11th September 2011 - The Resistance Tour.
    Glasgow SECC 24th October 2012 - The 2nd Law Tour.
    Glasgow Barrowlands 16th March 2015 - Psycho UK Tour
    Glasgow SSE Hydro 18th April 2016 - Drones World Tour
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  1. October 2019 Hi Musers, Anyone in Glasgow (Scotland) or surrounding area looking to collaborate and make some music? Wanted! Drummer, Bassist, keys/2nd guitarist (any backing vox a huge bonus!) aged between about 20-30, any gender welcome. [I’m not long 27 for a guide] I’m a guitarist and vocalist looking to write, record and gig. Had a couple of projects that started up and never went anywhere, so looking for like minded folk to make some music with. Have a bunch of songs partially written, loads of lyrics and ideas and som TASTY riffs! I’ve written and recorded an original song last winter (yet to be released) that’s got a bit of a Musey feel to it at points, certainly inspired by them and many other bands. It’s not a Muse cover or tribute band I’m looking to start, but would never say no to jamming out some of their songs. Looking forward to getting back into the rehearsal studios. If you fit the criteria and are looking for something similar, or know someone that you think would fit, please do get in touch! I don’t always get emails for the forum, so if I don’t reply within a few days - send me an email at andrewp.lennon@hotmail.com or we can try connect on social media! Thanks for reading A Supermassive Pwoper Muser Andrew
  2. love this track! Of the 4 released over the last while for Simulation Theory - this is the first one that has been great from the original listen and not a grower XD best one so far! Also get a very Thor: Ragnarok feeling from it too - both film Soundtrack and the video kind of reminds me the beginning of the film with Surtur and the dragon chasing him! It's well cool. I also get a Blade Runner kinda vibe from it too, along with lots of nice throwbacks to old Muse tunes :-D
  3. well it was for wembley 2011... bar a couple of songs. here's hoping 😀
  4. ** EDIT** cancel that, I got one for the second night fckin yassssssssssss but if anyone's got a spare ticket near the time i'd happily go both nights!! ________________________________________________________________________________________ So I was working on Wednesday for the presale. mistakenly left my brother in charge of booking tickets, then he and his friends decided it was too expensive and weren't going, phoned him, by this point (about 9:30) everything had sold out. so camped out this morning for general release, no standing tickets whatsoever, and when I then searched for seats - nada. all sold out in the space of 2 minutes. I am absolutely gutted and can't miss the Hydro gig, its only a couple of miles away. I'm hoping they add another night! so i'm looking for a standing ticket if any of you wonderful Musers have a spare one and you're feeling kind! preferably face value (+fees) of course. do let me know! congrats to everyone who got tickets.
  5. that gig was fucking unbelievable! My 4th Muse Gig and possibly the best setlist Glasgow may ever see. saw Royal Blood in the Barras a few weeks back - my 2nd gig in there, and i think its my favourite venue.. soaked in sweat though. just wow. wow. wow. wow. it rocked my socks off! Glesga crowds are the best kinda crowds! FREEDOM also @ Outside_Now - was it a grey jumper you lost? found one near the front and handed it to security. so you could see about getting it back? or someone has a new Jumper 😛 i almost lost a shoe! and briefly bonded with a guy who almost lost his 😆
  6. Love Muse so very much, plus loads of other music.

    I have a degree in Acting and I'm a musician too.


    you can follow me on twitter @LennonAndrew if you like but don't tend to follow too many people there.


    Tumblr is PwoperSupermassiveMuser

  7. Right, this is a possible tricky one as the connection of stand to mic arm isn't intended. I'll try explain this as best as I can, Basically what to do is attach the clamp for the mic arm sideways onto the top of the speaker stand, so it's not actually used to hold up the arm, just to support it. You'll need to turn the clamp really tight! Lol Then attach the mic arm into the plastic cover at the top, should have come with the stand. So what happens is its the mic arm in the speaker stand with the clamp helping to hold it up. Hope that makes sense, but I'll try get some pictures up later today or sometime soon! But I've had to make a change to it cos the plastic bit eventually burst, so I got an extra metal pole off an electric drum kit and put it inside with a but of messing about. Will try explain properly with pictures! Good luck :-P
  8. i thought the towers were pretty damn cool! tho its always nice to see a different stage setup. i like how it has always been different like from BH&R tour, then HAARP. then they went one up with the towers, toned it down for festivals, then seeing them at Wembley with the whole 1984 stimulus, and with L/R they did it so well! so for this, they have to be extravagant, its Muse! haha but i hope they don't go too far, as long as its a great performance (obviously it will be), give a good view to everyone no matter where you are, big screens so you can see close ups, and cool background visuals. regardless, CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Getting up early tomorrow morning to book tickets!!!! missed the pre-sale unfortunately, but this way it kinda guarantees it ya know? going with GF and wee brother. MUSE-aholics! haha can't wait for new album but hoping they're only using the dubstep experiments in one song... looking for heavy riffs, amazing piano and symphony like in OoS and Absolution!! so up for another gig!!
  10. Cheers Peter, its epic!! Works like a charm, absolutely brilliant, so I see why Matt used them all these years. Plus as a guitarist and vocalist it really works well, keeps clear of the guitar but lets you move around a bit as well. They're both K&M and th Mic arm is attached to a speaker stand, since Muse's floor base were custom made - I was more worried about it just being stable. :-P I got both of them for about £100 plus delivery. Not sure how much that'd be in dollars or how delivery would work but all the same - it's a German based music company called Thomann. Check it out :-) The speaker stand was K&M 23850 I think. Or 21850... Something like that. Any more details, or for assembly- pm me or whatever :-) Plus stick a Dunlop pick holder on there and you're good to go :-) Hope this helps you and anyone else! :-D Plug in Baby!!!
  11. very sturdy and smooth. really easy to operate, can see why Matt used them :-)
  12. well, here it is, along with pic of my Guitars :-)
  13. The stuff arrived in the post not long ago. The k&m mic arm is connected to a k&m speaker stand and it looks epic! Shall try to get some pics up if I can :-)
  14. I've just ordered the K&M mic arm online, hoping to make a mic stand like Muse, I've also ordered a speaker stand to mount it so it stands on the floor. Just wondering if anyone has tried to do this themselves before and how it went with them. I'm a vocalist and guitarist, so obviously it's useful to stop guitars hitting off the mic stand,and I figured Muse have the right idea! :-)
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