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2016.04.17 - SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland


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Man, I'm still getting spells of "Post Gig Hype" today :LOL:

Sunday was awesome, I'm still amazed that we got Bliss, Map, CE, SS & TaB in one night :D


Madness was shit though and the crowds reaction proved that. No wonder they dropped it the next night. Still, it didn't ruin my night :D

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Awesome! Keep them coming! Great couple of shows in the homeland!!

Last night with the piper was off the chain! :LOL:


Thanks! I've been to see Muse countless times over the past 10 years, but Sunday was on a different level. The rest of Monday's vids are going up real soon Check the relevant thread for them :)

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Sunday set list was just awesome. So awesome in fact that my missus went online mid-gig and got us standing tickets for the Monday for £44 each. When you have to travel 250 miles to see muse, you might as well treat yourself to even more muse. :LOL: Definitely doing the same next tour.



Madness. WTF was up with it? Sync error somewhere, dunno, but it was jarring to listen to. :( Not too fussed as its not my favourite.


But getting CE and SS made my night. The Globalist stageshow was spectacular, to say the least. Truly cinematic experience. :musesign::yesey:




Raising the bar once again lads. Thankyooooou.

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