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  1. Thought I'd replied before but the new board keeps signing me out. Yeah it starts on -2, so the program change CCs are right, it must be the way cubase is set so I'll mess about with it some more. Haven't had time to try the whammy 4 yet... also might have misplaced the power supply
  2. DT, but I'll try it with the 4 later.
  3. It is. I can't get the whammy parts to sound the same as your video though. Cubase shows the automation as a solid line like that picture, so I'm not sure what's causing it to sound glitchy. Maybe some MIDI setting deep in a menu I haven't found yet/don't know how to use.
  4. I tried with cubase a few days ago, but it makes the automation sound all glitchy so it's not smooth at all. I haven't got a clue how to use it properly to set the automation to be smoother though .
  5. Bs is here so K&T is still alive. I haven't installed Cubase on my new laptop yet #soon. Trying to play it with -1 octave and the treadle doesn't work at all but still sounds miles better than a certain cover on youtube with an inexpiable number of views.
  6. Bit late, but I'm still here. Your unsustainable cover is absolutely brilliant! I tried playing it for the first time in ages with the treadle on my whammy and it sounded worse than I remembered
  7. Always here I can’t find any old recipe irn bru so it wouldn’t be a fair swap. I’ve heard loads of good things about the Music Nomad stuff. Need to try some of their matt/satin finish cleaner on my MB. For the break it to me solo, it sometimes sounds like setting 75 on a KP2 and scratching the strings, but I’m not sure. It always looks like he’s touching the xy pad, but might be controlling some other MIDI magic gear.
  8. I didn't even look at the names of half of the shops, but there was scaffolding all up one side of the street so that covered a lot of them. That bit about upgraded Squires being American Fenders is pretty special. There isn't a massive jump between Mexican & American Fenders from the ones I've played though, but both of mine are Mexican so I might be biased a bit.
  9. More '80s inspiration from these guys maybe?
  10. It may well have been shit Didn't see any pre-CBS Fenders anywhere though which was a surprise, but Hank's had quite a lot of snazzy old stuff. But... the shop is the best place to try the gear Getting a free patch cable is decent though. edit: also, happy new year!
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