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  1. Well it seems my friend is unable to go anymore and has sold their ticket. Would i be able to tag along with anyone if they're heading down in the afternoon?
  2. I got an email saying i have a free copy of Drones. Anyone know if they're giving the album out for free or was it included in the price?
  3. FINALLY got a ticket!!! After a 5 years of trying, it's finally happened!
  4. I wonder who'll be the lucky few who will manage to get a ticket on general sale!
  5. I just hope i'll actually be able to get a ticket for this. Can't seem to get the pre-sale code even though i've been a member for a few years.
  6. I'm not sure James. And i wont
  7. Somehow the volume and treble pots on my Vox amp broke. I know they need replaced but do i have to buy and install the exact same pots for it or can i just install other ones that i can get from Ebay?
  8. Okay got it to work. Here's my guitar and equipment. I also have a Strat copy but i was too lazy to get it out the cupboard My bass and equipment
  9. Thanks What's a good photo website that i can upload them to and copy the links onto here?
  10. I feel a bit dumb for asking this but how do you upload photos on this without getting the links to photos showing up? I'd like the actual photo showing in my replies. Cheers
  11. Can you not go onto MuseLive and download the audio from previous televised shows from the forums there? I've done it a few times.
  12. Thanks alot guys. The toothpick trick works. I snapped it in half and just put both ends in. It doesn't tighten fully but it'll do for now. Thanks alot for the help guys!!
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