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    I am from Scotland, i was born in 1995 and i love Muse!!
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    Cumbernauld, Scotland
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    Football, Badminton, going to the gym, Hiking, Mountaineering, music, having fun with friends, playing games and guitar.
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    Still at school :)
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    In Flames, Muse, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Rise Against, Steel Panther, Lamb of God, Green Day, Turisas, Corroded, Rammstein and loads more.
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    Well, there are alot. :P But my favorite genres are Comedy's, Actions, Adventure and War.
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    Top Gear, An Idiot Abroad, South Park, many documentaries, Simpsons, Mock The Week, Rude Tube and loads more i can think of.
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    The Muse Biography :P (The one by Mark Beaumont) and a few others that i can't think of.
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    Nearly all of them except, Hullaballo DVD, Absolution Tour DVD and im not sure what else.
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    None so far :((. But when they come to Glasgow, it will literary be the best night of my life!!!
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  1. Well it seems my friend is unable to go anymore and has sold their ticket. Would i be able to tag along with anyone if they're heading down in the afternoon?
  2. I got an email saying i have a free copy of Drones. Anyone know if they're giving the album out for free or was it included in the price?
  3. FINALLY got a ticket!!! After a 5 years of trying, it's finally happened!
  4. I wonder who'll be the lucky few who will manage to get a ticket on general sale!
  5. I just hope i'll actually be able to get a ticket for this. Can't seem to get the pre-sale code even though i've been a member for a few years.
  6. I'm not sure James. And i wont
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