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Faster Louder: Matt features on Kimbra's new single.


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The only people in this world who are 'douches' are people who use the word 'douche' (not saying you are one).


Oh wai-.

If by the literal meaning of douche (that being it is French for shower) then yes, I am indeed a shower.

I assumed you were making fun of the troll and I was calling them a douche not you. You're pretty alright in my books.

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How do you know Matt hasn't mentioned it? Do you live with him and know everything he says? I'm sure he's mentioned it to at least a couple people (at least Kimbra and Rich Costey and other people involved in the making of the song) because it's not like it is a secret or anything



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There's another article out there that says Rich Costey sent the unfinished song to Matt, and that Matt sent back a short "obnoxious, unturned guitar part" that was used in the pre-chorus.

I assume that's still the part we thought it was.


It's a shame because I expected some nifty fresh guitar work!


He's laughing if that song becomes popular - nice pay cheque as a non-featured artist for an cheap guitar part.

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