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What is your favorite Muse B-side that you want to see live?


Favorite B-side you want to see Live  

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  1. 1. Favorite B-side you want to see Live

    • The Groove
    • Futurism
    • Fury
    • Crying Shame
    • Do We Need This
    • Other (Or Creep, the acoustic Radiohead cover, look it up.)

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Do people still believe that that acoustic rendition of Creep is Matt!!!? It's quite clearly Thom Yorke although file sharing sites seem to have labled it as Muse for some time when it quite clearly isn't.


yeah as soon as I listened to it I knew it was matt... :rolleyes:

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There is a very old live recording around somewhere. Forgot where I found the link, but it was somewhere on this board.


As in the old acoustic rendition that has been circling for the last few years?, as I have one that was commonly known as Matt's version but it is very clearly Thom Yorke.

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To all those morons thinking that Muse covered Creep:


Pretty weird that Radiohead would put a cover by Muse on their own EP, isn't it?

My Iron Lung


Gosh, I hate those Limewire users! If you're a true Muse fan, you would at least buy their music.

I have bought 99% of the music (I own all except Showbiz). I have only used Limewire one time in my lfie. Plus, it's getting shut down.

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