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What is the most neutral Muse song?

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I don't mean underrated, because underrated basically means people hate this song too much.


What I mean is neutral.

Songs that are just kind of... there.

Nobody talks about them, but nobody really hates them. Nobody really cares about them though.


Which songs do you consider the most neutral?

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I feel like from an American standpoint the answer to this is "anything that's not Madness, KoC, SMBH, Uprising or Starlight."

The average american would probably say this, but not me.

Also, not many people know about KoC here. I mean, it's more popular than most other Muse songs here, but it's definitely not a well known song.


I'd say Darkshines. From what I've read, it's pretty unanimously liked by the fans, but nobody ever mentions it.

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I guess this applies to some of the old b-sides. Stuff like Coma, Twin, Do We Need This etc. Occasionally I see one of these mentioned somewhere like the under-rated songs thread but mostly they seem to be ignored by the majority.

Don't forget Con-Science.

Con-Science is a truly brilliant song but nobody cares about it.

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Again, people like Con-Science, but they never talk about it.


Yes, they never talk about it or outspokenly rate about it (does that make sense?) so it's underrated.


I actually clicked on the underrated thread thinking it was this :facepalm:

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Even though I agree that this thread is useless, this post proved absolutely nothing.

...? This thread is basically "what is the most underrated Muse song?", so I showed him that another thread with the same intent was closed because the "most underrated songs" thread existed.


edit: I actually used the wrong link for the second thread there, whoops :LOL: meant to post this http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=3086

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