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  1. I'm trying to buy a ticket but when i put in the presale code and select the ticket to buy. All it says it's please enter quantity when i already have? Turns out they've sent me an album preorder code instead of the mailing club one? so i could've bought these days agoooo
  2. Here's my board with my new Animato, thanks james! It sounds even better than i thought it would. Definitely a keeper.
  3. Yeah he had the OS-2 during the showbiz era, but it got replaced by the animato for origins of symmetry
  4. My debut single from my band MINT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ct975f1m1Hk and our biggest song
  5. Psycho Map of the problamatique Dead inside Supermassive blackhole Bliss Sunburn(glastonbury 2004 intro) Mercy Time is running out Plug in baby interlude+hysteria Dead star Micro cuts Stockholm Syndrome Uprising Hyper music Reapers knights of cydonia
  6. 1.OOS 1.Drones 2.Absolution 3.Showbiz 4.BHAR 5.The Resistance 6.T2L
  7. Dead inside Bliss Sing for absolution Reapers The handler Citizen erased Revolt Aftermath The globalist Hoodoo Knights of cydonia Ruled by secrecy
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