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Project Muser - A Study About Hardcore Muse Fans


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Hey everybody!


During the summer tour, I am going to conduct a scientific study about us Muse fans, with the aim to try to find out why Musers are such dedicated and passionate fans, and how and when one becomes a Muse fan. Is there something all Musers have in common (apart from having a good taste in music ;))? Being a huge Muse fan myself, and studying psychology as one of my subjects for my IB diploma, I find this very interesting, and I am really excited about this project! :)


The study will mainly consist of a questionnaire, which IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE:




I will also hand it out to people before and after concerts in paper form (I'm doing 8 gigs this year). It will take about five minutes to complete and the answers will of course be anonymous. In addition to the questionnaire, I will also conduct a few interviews with some people in order to gather more qualitative data and gain more insight into why people become Musers and what makes them stay in the fandom.


And now time for the exciting part: all participants have a chance to win one of three prizes that I will give away once the project in finished! :D The first prize is Muse merch of your choice worth €50, and the second and third prizes will be Muse goody bags worth €20 each.


The online version will be open between May 24th until July 30th..


The results will be posted on my blog in the beginning of August this year, and the winners of the prize draw will also be announced then. :)


The address to my blog is:




There you can find more information about the project and its progress. I've also created a Facebook page in order to make it easier for everyone to stay updated, so go ahead and like it!




The concerts I will attend and work on the project are:


25 and 26 May: Emirates Stadium, London, UK

1 June: Etihad Stadium, Manchester, UK

26 June: Stade Charles Erhmann, Nice, France

28 and 29 June: Stadio Olimpico, Turin, Italy

6 July: Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy

27 July: Olympiastadion, Helsinki, Finland


I really hope as many of you as possible want to participate - the more the merrier, no matter where you're from or who you are! The only requirement is to like Muse I guess :p This is the most interesting project I've ever done, and I'm doing it only because I think it's truly fascinating and fun. It was supposed to be a project for school, but since it wouldn't meet the specific requirements they had, I wasn't allowed to do it. But I decided to make it nevertheless, since I just love the idea way too much in order not to do it! Hopefully, all of us will find something interesting and beneficial from the results! And Dominic kind of already knows about the study, as he replied to me on Twitter not so long ago when I wrote to him about it. :) (I'm @loveMUSEic on there).


So cheers for reading and stay updated, and hopefully I'll see you in the queue for the gigs! :happy:


If you have any questions, just go ahead and ask! I'm doing this study for everyone, not just myself, and I want all of you to be part of it. :)


Musey Regards,



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Good evening fellow Muser.


I'm also attending the 25th May. How do i participate in the project ?


I'd love to be apart of it:)


I'm glad you want to participate :)


I will do my best to visit all queues around the stadium, and also talk to people after the concert. However, if you don't see me, you can always just answer the online version, they're exactly the same. :)


I'll be queuing at North Bank turnstile D on Saturday, and East Stand turnstile H on Sunday for the Emirates gigs. I'll be there from the morning, so there's always the opportunity to come and say hi and I'll give you a questionnaire. :)

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Thanks everybody, I'm glad you want to participate :) spread the word so that we can have even more participants, that will make the results even more interesting! :)


Michelle, I see you on Friday evening! ;))) don't forget to bring me one questionnaire! :D I totally can't wait! :D


I will bring it, I promise! :) can't wait to get started!! :happy::musesign:

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Interesting project. I joined the Facebook page already so I'm really looking forward to this. Good luck!! :D


Awesome, thank you!! :)


The questionnaire will be here on Friday, so very #soon :D can't wait to get started!!

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This is really cool! We never did anything close to this awesome in my IB Psychology class. I will happily participate. :)


Well, neither did we :(; I wanted to do this for my Extended Essay in Psychology, but apparently you're not allowed to do your own research when doing it in that subject (whilst in the natural sciences you are :mad:), but I basically showed the middle finger to the IB and decided that I will do this anyway, outside school (I will get CAS for it though :p) just because I REALLY want to do it! ;) I like Muse way too much to let the IB get in the way and tell me what I can do and what I can't. :rolleyes:


I'm very happy you want to participate! And that I'm not the only one who has chosen the IB ;)

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I'm want to participate too! :D I'm going to the 25th May gig, but since the tickets are in the muse guest list I don't know where I'll queue :erm: but yeah...maybe I'll have to do answer it online


I might be wandering around the place after the gig as well :) and if you don't spot me neither before or after then it'd be awesome if you did the online version instead. :) It's going to be up very soon, at 10am GMT today!

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