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  1. 1. Yes, that information was provided with the ticket / purchase. They'll send you an email with more detailed times prior to the date (I just got my details for Bristol yesterday) + it's on the ticket. 2. May depend on the times at the actual venue, but yeah, you have way smaller queue among premium ticket holders, so even if you won't get there first, you still should be at the very front. That's what you're paying for, after all. I don't plan to show up much earlier. Haven't done any gig yet though, so can't be sure, haha. Can let you know after tomorrow 3. As mentioned above: didn't get mine for Manchester yet, but got one for Bristol yesterday, so no worries, it will come closer to the date. Just check junk email cause mine got there for some reason. I'll see you there, I suppose!
  2. Okay, slightly off topic, but my VIP tickets from tikcetmaster are still not ready to print... Bristol is in less than a week now. Should I worry or not yet?
  3. I do! Less than two weeks now!! 😁 My tickets are not ready to print thoughπŸ€”
  4. You can have a close relationship with your uncle as well. With any member of family. There are plenty more relationships in one's life than just romantic. It may be 'definite' for you, but not for others. As much as I get your point, I think you should let people say and assume whatever they want about that song and not be so bothered when it's something you don't agree with. That's the beauty of it, you are free choose what particular song means to you Music is more about feelings than meanings
  5. What kind of tickets you got? Also, where are you meeting up beforehand and what time? I may pop by
  6. Hello there, haven't been here for a while, so how were the things going in the second part of US tour? No more issues with early entrance, I hope?
  7. OMG YES!! This is my biggest wish at the moment. To hear B&H. And replacing it with Mercy (which I don't care about in the slightest, heard it enough times) sounds like THE DREAM
  8. Yes, exactly! That was at the core of my argument from the very beginning. ^THIS. Agree. Even though this works for me as VIP goer, I still get why this is disappointing for the rest. Could some please clarify for me which one is B-stage? Is it the stage at the end of catwalk?
  9. Oh well. Not that I'm surprised πŸ˜›
  10. I agree with that completely - that's why I'm done arguing about it. There's nothing to be done, sadly, and we have to get over it. The only think I wish could happen is to make sure that 2tier VIP with 'early access' won't happen next time. Totally agree about RAH - I was so in for the petition, but the signs were way too much. I think the issue with the backlash and mentioned lack of coherence comes from the fact, that even though we did the petition and tried to make them aware, they have never officially replied, commented or even gave us a sign that they know. That's why I personally decided to buy that bloody ticket in the end. It wasn't something I was happy doing (obviously), but since I couldn't fight them, I've joined them. Not the best philosophy and I'm not particularly proud of it, but I also don' regret it. I stand by choice - I did what I had to do, to make sure I get to the front. Sure thing that I won't do that ever again now - lesson learnt, never again VIP for early access bullshit. And I know I'll still get there, even with GA coming in at the same time - I don't want that to change, I don't want to be seen as the one who fights against GA goers. I'd much rather get a refund and go queuing as I've always had! My anger and disappointment is only in the WAY they "fixed" it. Behind our backs. That was a shitty move. And I would like them to at least fix it by making sure that won't happen again. Do VIP, Enhance Experiences and what not all you want, but leave access to the floor to GA. That;s my wish. If I can't get the refund, I'd like to get that at least, for the future shows.
  11. I'd love a meet up before or after or both
  12. Btw, I'm thinking along the same lines! And I'm going to Bristol gig as well, alone. Would like to have someone like-minded in the VIP line with me are you going solo or with someone?
  13. Yeah, that's kind of obvious to me. However people still give me shit for actually buying it and it simply pisses me off. The more time passes though, the more I accept that was a lesson to be learnt. The hard way. That's precisely what I'm hoping for. My correspondence with CID is fruitless, just as all their social media replies are. It's become obvious that we won't get any refunds and we'll have to stick with ridiculously overpriced poster and fucking lunchbox (actually, today is the day when it actually makes me laugh at myself). It's a shame, it still makes my blood boiling, but I'm getting over it. And the only GOOD thing that can come out of it now, is to try to channel people's anger into sabotaging the idea of VIP in the first place. Made more noise. I kind of see it as a chance for something we never managed to achieve before tickets went on sale. I'd like to make everyone aware what the problem with the premium ticket is - it's obviously not worth the price and people should be discouraged from buying them. If we can't help those who already bought them, lets prevent anyone else to buy any more of them. Also, would be great to make management / band aware of the general (I hope) disagreement with it. I mean, I hope that it will be a chance to unite the fans rather than divide them. Instead of just sitting here and hope it will change next tour, we could maybe try to make our point more visible? I know some people still look at me angrily as I did give in and bought them (fair enough, I kinda look at myself like this as well atm), but let's move on from that, okay? My mistake and I'll deal with it on my own. Lesson learnt, won't ever do VIP for early access again. Instead of judging each other and sharing opposite opinions on this, maybe we could find some common cause in here and execute it...? Yeah, I heard it was 107 exactly. Not sure how true, someone commented about it on one of the million posts on fcb
  14. I posted that as a response on the other thread, so here it is. It has eaten the quotes within the quotes, so the first part is in response to Jobby's post, and second in response to elvvis's
  15. ooops me too πŸ˜› can quote myself though πŸ˜›
  16. Well, I surely am a bit over dramatic with it all, Muse in general evokes big emotions in me and this whole VIP thing was problematic from the very beginning... plus I'm still pretty pissed off (though slowly progressing into severe and sad disappointment...). It feels kind like a second blow, which I wasn't expecting at all. I know I will get over it eventually and make peace with it all, just as I did with getting VIP tickets in first place. Sure I'd like to see it solved somehow, preferably good for both parties. But in the worst case, painful as it may be, I'll just learn my lesson the hard way and never buy those kind of packages again. I definitely will make sure to have fun, no matter what. After all, money is just money and what counts is experience. I'm determined to not let one spoil the other. I feel you... Whatever the outcome will be, don't let this ruin your experience. Enhanced experience (in my hometown btw) will get you first for sure. My feeling is that they will keep lying to us and never process any refund or change the deal. Looking for how they're responding to complaints and attacks on social media, they're all greedy liars. I still would like to get to the bottom of it eventually, even for my personal satisfaction of knowing.
  17. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm really pissed off about all of this. Partly because I do understand GA goers point of view, in a sense that if we don't fight it and agree on GA coming onto the floor with premium ticket holders, it MAY help the cause in the long run and the 2nd tier VIPs will die out eventually. And of course I'm all in for it, that's what I wanted in the first place anyway. But on the other hand: what are the odds of that actually happening? Seems bit naive anyway. And it's really hard NOT to fight for what you've been promised and paid a lot of money for... especially that, come on, I know it may seem easy to let go and not that important in the bigger scheme of things, but this is my big dream that we're talking about. I was waiting for it and planning it for years. Of course it entails huge emotions, just like queuing for 14 hours does. Maybe even more, because in the line no one lies to me, and here I've been most clearly screwed. So far it really ruins it all for me. I start questioning the whole point of it. Because if I'm stressed about it now, months in advance, what will it be like on the day? Above all though, I want some clarity - I want band to either confirm or deny it was their idea. I want them to know we think it was shit move, that they should have informed us about it officially earlier, and not go behind people's backs like this. I want CID to take responsibility for what they offered and didn't deliver, or at least being frank about how the things stand. But that last is probably the most naive hope I've ever had. Seems like I'll be learning a lesson the hard way either way. I just honestly hope it's not band's doing. Because if it is, I may really lose my over ten year long respect for them. Not because I don't agree with what they potentially did, but because of the shitty way they did it.
  18. See your point, fair enough. And don't take what I'm saying below personally - I just want to adress my point of view to everyone here. Buying those premium tix was quite a dilemma for me precisely because of what you're saying - I am well aware of the vicious nature of it all. But my desire to be at the front was bigger (though after this tour I may reconsider my addiction, for my own good...) than that, egoistic as it is. And it's not like I did it to "gain advantage" over other people (even though I should have gained it, since that's what I paid for) - I did it to be close, not to be against people who wait for hours (I also got one GA and of course I am planning to queue for hours!). Sure, I'm not happy with how things stand, I know it's a vicious circle, but if this is how the world works now, of course I would put my wants first. Especially that I can say "it's just money" - I had them (and I haven't had them before). And if that's what gets me to the front, that's what I do. See my point? I know it sounds a bit sick, but I did whatever I could to get to the front. I've been dreaming about a bit of touring with them for way too long - it's just bad luck that the year I can FINALLY do it, they introduced VIPs. It's not like I wouldn't go and queue because I would, for as long as necessary. Shit, if it turns out to be the case, that it's band decision and the premium ticket doesn't actually give you the early access, I want a refund! And I don't want people to necessarily agree with me, but please try to understand my point. Because I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one in this situation. This is simply unfair.
  19. ^that's me, basically. And of course I'm furious about what had happened yesterday. I bought it ONLY for the early access. It's first time when I can afford more than one gig, and existance of VIP was a blow big enough - but I got over it, 1st raw junkie won with the money dilemma (wouldn't happened if I was still living in Poland, but I'm lucky enough to live in Scotland), and I put my savings into my long-hoped-for dream. I don't think it's fair to blame whoever bought those tickets, especially not actual fans. I did buy it, but I also fought against it, I singed the petition, shared it wherever I could and hoped they'd react to it - they haven't. Changing that last minute, without any heads up and in the way they seem to have done it, is just EXTREMELY shitty move. So it'd better be a one off mistake. As mentioned before - I think no one has the right to shame anyone for buying those tickets. So don't feel sorry!
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