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Personally I can't understand the need for the crowd to be pushing around and acting like idiots for you to enjoy a gig... I don't do the bouncing, quite happy to clap or sing though, but I couldn't care less about what other people do as long as they're not moshing and running into me. I'm there to see the band, not get in a fight with some halfwit from Coventry...


Anyway, I very clearly lost my shit when Dead Star happened. I was so excited I was shaking and could barely even stand, never mind sing along. Did that mean I didn't enjoy it thoroughly? Not in the slightest!

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I almost died from the crush at Reading.


I was on the barrier and as far back as I could see (probably about 25-30 rows), there was just a mesh of arms and other body parts flailing about as well as several other mosh pits.


First few songs at Reading were seriously crushed...up there with the worst i've been in


Generally thought crowd on wednesday was really good but maybe just got lucky with where i was on Chris side near the front. Took until Bliss to properly get going a bit though


also @usernameDOA cheers for those videos! :)

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I'm squirming at some of the stories of you guys in the pit at previous gigs, there again that's me thinking like an overprotective parent! :p I don't like the thought of any of you being crushed at a gig, be safe and have fun folks.


More than welcome Ben93, SS is now up:




Unsustainable and Madness will go up over the weekend :) I'll be better prepared next week in Manchester, now I know to lower the video quality so it doesn't take all day to upload.

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I wasn't able to go because I'm not British, but I heard that it was a really good show and that Blackout and Unintended returned to the setlist. I also heard that Matt Bellamy has stopped playing guitar on those songs. Is it true?


The live versions of Unintended I've always seen have Chris playing the guitar. Similarly the guitar gets going half way through the song, which is where Matt starts playing.


The screens show Morgan almost always playing something during every song, even if it's just the tambourine!

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Whoa, what a quality! In both, audio and video. usernameDOA, your uploads are the best i see of the coventry gig bt far!


Thanks, I'm glad everyone is enjoying them :) It's all down to the camera, which is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX20V. I upgraded from my old TX-7 which did superb video but only had a mono microphone and the sound was always overly loud (see my previous vids on my you tube channel for examples).


This new camera strikes a nice balance I find, the still shots I got also turned out well. Will post some of the highlights of them once I get all the vids sorted for you guys. Looking forward to shooting more vids in Manchester, Barcelona and Berlin over the next few weeks/months :)


*EDIT* Madness added




:LOL: @ the guy behind me singing at the very beginning of the vid :D


*DOUBLE EDIT* Here's Blackout





Edited by usernameDOA
more vids added
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Hard to tell mate, it depends on what time they go on. I'm sure they came on late on Wednesday night which might explain why it overran so long. Either way enjoy yourself, it's a helluva production, can't wait till next Saturday in Manchester :)

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Much preferred when the banker was walking through the crowd like at Coventry compared to walking across the stage... after Coventry.



Yeah I liked that as well, was great watching the stage screens and then looking around desperately for him! Looked much more effective as well than just on the stage!

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There's probably people on this thread that sat near to me. That would be cool...

Block 29

Row UU

Seat 24


Anyone close?


Not that close but was block 29 row PP? I think. Although me and 3 mates sat in block 28 by mistake up until muse started and were the only ones in the whole block for awhile

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