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  1. Enjoyed last nights gig but really tempted to pick up a last minute ticket to one of the last 2. Fairly decent rotations on this tour so every chance could get any of bliss, citizen, stockholm, apocalypse...just such a lot of money!
  2. Bit of a go at a Black Holes 10th anniversary setlist although I guess it'll be standard Drones setlist more or less through the summer 1. Psycho 2. Interlude + Hysteria 3. Dead Inside 4. Butterflies and Hurricanes 5. (Isolated System) 6. The Handler ------- V Fest 08 Intro ------- 7. Map of the Problematique 8. Assassin (GOB) 9. Supermassive Black Hole 10. Exo-Politics 11. Hoodoo 12. Invincible 13. City of Delusion 14. Starlight 15. Glorious 16. Knights of Cydonia 17. Take A Bow 18. Bliss 19. Time Is Running Out 20. Plug In Baby 21. Showbiz + Ashamed Outro 22. Osaka Jam 23. Reapers 24. Stockholm Syndrome Originally just had BH&R in order from 7-17 and Uprising opening encore 1 instead of Showbiz closing, it's less fun though.. 1. Psycho 2. Interlude + Hysteria 3. Dead Inside 4. Butterflies and Hurricanes 5. (Isolated System) 6. The Handler 7. Take A Bow 8. Starlight 9. Supermassive Black Hole 10. Map of the Problematique 11. Soldiers Poem 12. Invincible 13. Assassin 14. Exo-Politics 15. City of Delusion 16. Hoodoo 17. Knights of Cydonia 18. Uprising 19. Plug In Baby 20. Time Is Running Out 21. Bliss 22. Osaka Jam 23. Reapers 24. Stockholm Syndrome
  3. I'm probably mad enough to pay that kind of price to see them but not going to find any mates who like them enough to pay that much! Really can't decide if this ones worth it to be honest
  4. I was at that, couldn't believe it when they pulled out Toys, Toys, Toys.. I guess could also look at Linkin Park when they did it (not including their Hybrid Theory set last year) for a similar not particularly heavy band http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/linkin-park/2011/donington-park-castle-donington-england-43d323eb.html
  5. I think people are overestimating how metal download is, all the usuals like Map, Bliss, Starlight etc would go down well if they wanted to and there wouldn't be bottles flying over Madness Saying that, I do reckon they are treating this as something a bit different to the rest of the festival run so am expecting a few rarities and heavier stuff to make an appearance...I'm hoping Assassin, Micro Cuts or The Small Print as well as The Handler if it hasn't already been debuted!
  6. The more I listen to this the more that guitar riff might be becoming my favourite ever Muse riff, going to sound huge live
  7. Think its pretty much impossible for them to play Download and not do at least something a bit different to normal, I'm hoping Assassin and a return for The Small Print but not getting hopes up too much! Also long shot as i asked the other week, but anyone going to this on their own at the moment that would be up for meeting up for a bit or whatever?
  8. I get that its already 10 minutes but an extra minute or two of the heavy riff once the drums are in would be good live
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