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  1. I was in the Rausing Circle, Block Y ("cheap" seats), and almost everyone was standing, singing, and very much into it. It makes such a difference, rather than people talking and looking at their phones the whole time. On the way out, we looked into the posh boxes on Level 2, which had been left open. You would really feel quite isolated if you were in there, with just your champagne and snacks (crisps, macaroons, pretty cakes, etc) to make you feel special. Incidentally, there was loads left over and you could have done a serious snack raid for the journey home.
  2. For me, Megalomania on the organ was the highlight of their previous gig at RAH, so .
  3. I was assuming that it was for people who paid extra for the 'enhanced experience' tickets.
  4. Cheers for that - still no email this morning. Pitch standing, GA5... although as a gashead I'm still conflicted about the venue (it's a Bristol thing).
  5. Speaking as an older fan, I'm okay with the new direction (although I adored Drones), but won't be going the London Stadium gig, and I'm only in Oxfordshire. The price doesn't help, but it's mainly the venue that's putting me off: the running track means the seats are a long way back from the pitch; East London is impossible to get back from by train the same night on a Saturday, which means paying for a hotel; and frankly I feel disconnected from the band in a big stadium and end up watching the screens - I don't want a 'show' with lots of extra stuff because otherwise people at the back can see bog-all, I just want the band giving it 100% on stage.
  6. For those who have bought or will be trying to buy tickets. RAH seats
  7. The sale started exactly at 09:00 (tried refreshing several times at 08:59, then suddenly it said the ticket system was at maximum capacity).
  8. And they are quite expensive. Hope they don't do that for the main tour. Less production, more songs, please. Side Circle; too old to stand as well. Muse Gig #37.
  9. Current link to BBC entire set: Muse at Glastonbury
  10. Just been rewatching the recordings from last night (with massive thunderstorm in background today ), and the mix is horrible - was Chris's mic actually working at all? Quite disappointed, tbh - the recordings from Download last year had a much better mix. Maybe it sounded better if you were there.
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