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Muse Songs About Pain (help!)


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guys, first off all I'm very sorry if this isn't the right section to post this thread in.


I'm currently playing a game on another forum where i'm competing as Matt Bellamy in a music competition in which I basically have to submit Muse performances that are going to be judged against performances of other celebrity artists. It's basically inspired in American Idol in the sense that we have to follow a theme each week and the artist with the lowest score (given by the judges) gets eliminated.

I'm proud to say I'm now in the top 5 of that game, but i'm not feeling great about the upcoming round and decided to ask for help from fellow Muse fans.


The theme of the next round is "songs about pain". Can anyone list me Muse songs about pain? Preferably if there are good live performances of those songs available on youtube.


Thank you sooo much in advance! :)



ps: here's the list of songs I've already used in the competition:


- Feeling Good

- Madness

- Hyper Music

- Uprising

- House of the Rising Sun

- Falling Down

- United States of Eurasia

- Micro-cuts

- Invincible

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Thank you guys so much for your help!


It can be any form of pain... it can come from anger, disappointment, guilt, confusion...

I'm open to all suggestions!


Also, I know I said I'd prefer songs with live performances on youtube, but any song can work as I'm allowed to use 2 studio songs in the competition. I was thinking about using "Con-Science" if I have to resort to studio songs, but using a powerful/touching live performance is still my ultimate goal.


Thanks again for all the help you've given me so far! :)

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