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  1. Your username for the main site is probably different than the one for the forum.
  2. Thanks! However, when I got to presale, they have the link for all the fall gigs except the DC one... does anyone else see it?
  3. Very excited for this! Do they release the presale codes at 10am tomorrow, or have they already given those out? I haven't done this before, so I'm confused how they know that people have been members before April 8th.
  4. All I heard was that they are coming back to the East Coast around September!!!
  5. I feel ... Ok, much better now! Now I can look forward to the tour video!
  6. I am searching, but you are on a mission.
  7. Just waiting for all of March to get released!
  8. Holy ****, did someone in the media just quote Hoodoo? Of all the people who it could have been though...
  9. Thanks for posting it. Love the article, really interesting. I've always been surprised why Uprising wasn't played in American political events, but extremely glad that it didn't get abused. Good for them!
  10. Remove Save Me Make Survival a bit less cheesy Get rid of the dubstep from follow me, as well as the last 20 seconds which are quite redundant. Completely reconsider Explorers, too difficult to know exactly how Make the dubstep on Unsustainable way less annoying And thats about it, this album really is great!
  11. I think this is my favorite song on the album now it is just so catchy, I'm dancing to it every time, I've been singing it while biking to classes at my university, people are staring a lot
  12. The drums and trumpets in the mid verse sections of the song are sort of annoying, a little campy. But the last minute and a half more than rectifies that.
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