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  1. On the main muse.mu site there is news that sing debuts today. But where? I mean, I know that it aired on radio and I can find it on the Internet, but where are some official channels? It’s pretty strange announcinf that sonething drops on 15th February and then count on fans ability to find some links on the web.
  2. I would add "In the Army Now" by Status Quo before Dead Inside on Drones.
  3. I also think it's gonna suck. For me it will be boring beginning, whistling along the lines of MWAH, some generic middle part with the repetitiveness of Unsustainable and some piano like that in Redemption. I'm worrying that it will lack energy of e.g. CE and will be "big" only for sake of being big.
  4. Well, the thing with coherency in Muse terms = "drones" word in majority of songs seems to be someting. And I expected "Dead Inside" to be the same it terms of the title like "Madness". It's too easy. It's again the same thing. These synths also. Meh.
  5. But he wrote that he's happy with Muse being straightforward and not taking bullshit approach. What looked like he isn't familiar with any shades of grey between two extremes. Of course there is a part in his post about "being more subtle" but I decided to ignore it and give him a chance to post what for him is bullshit approach - this would make the wait for the single funnier.
  6. You mean leaving at least something to imagination rather than throwing everything in the middle of your face is bullshit approach? Nice. Please, give me example of what for you is "bullshit approach".
  7. It would be awful if the word drones was literally in most of the other songs. I was exaggerating. It may be musically cohesive, but the fact that this word is in two of already known songs and there was this Matt's tweet is too much for me.
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