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2012.09.30 - The Roundhouse, London, UK


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It was amazing (as was our singing), I've watched the pro-shot and my video over and over!


Jeeze. I wasn't even there, I was just watching this. (last song on it)



The quality of this recording is so incredible. I can only imagine how good it sounded there.

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Just amazing. :D


That bloody riff sounds so full and beefy.


Think it ruptured my spleen! :LOL:


That was ace! I like how Matt looked down at smiled at you guys at the end :happy:


It's the perfect silly sing-along song! :D

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Not just trying to dig up an old thread here but I just re-watched this concert on YouTube and I have to say that it was quite an incredible show. The set list itself is certainly nothing remarkable but the band was spot on that night, definitely one of their best performances of the past touring cycle. Maybe performing in front of Jimmy Page brought out the best in Matt. The enthusiasm of the crowd was obvious throughout.


It's probably a combination of the smaller venue and the clean Pro-Shot audio but the concert has a great raw, stripped-back sound to it. Check out the hefty crunch of the guitar in Survival and Uprising, as well as the ringing harmonics of the Knights solo. Beautiful stuff. Also noteworthy is that Matt was still playing guitar on both Starlight AND Follow Me at that time giving both songs more presence. The show is a good opportunity to compare the Who Knows Who outro after Map with the Heartbreaker riff after TIRO. The melodies are similar enough to be confused but the differences are apparent here.


Obviously, the show could have used a little Dead Star or <insert favourite rare track here> and the stage show is relatively tame but you won't find a much better presentation of Muse simply playing their hits online. It beats the hell out of the iHeartRadio concert.


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