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  1. Great show. Fury, Easily, Futurism and Glorious all played so 4 of my 10 chosen, not bad at all. Easily literally my favourite song of all time so was a pleasure to gets it debut. So far of my 9 Muse gigs, I've had the honour of seeing the debuts of MK Ultra, The Handler and now Easily. Lovely stuff. As for "non-fans" in attendance... I was stood to the left about central, and this couple near me had the chap explain to his girlfriend how this was a big deal as it's a big band playing a small venue, and she was just nodding. From the sound of it she didn't even really know any of their songs. What a waste of a ticket.
  2. Does anyone know the likely start and end times to the gig? Need to travel from the Midlands so unsure if the last train would be too late. When I came down to London last year for an O2 show, I parked at Watford Junction and got the train into London to guarantee I wouldn't miss the end of the show, but with that one I knew gig times... this one I can't seem to find anything. Any help?
  3. Need to do my 2 lots of votes. Unsure on what to do. Pulled out on an old .txt file and working out what songs I've never seen. All I know is I'm definitely voting Easily as that's still my favourite song of all time.
  4. Wembley is just kinda special, y'know? It's the best stadium and most well-known in the country. It has history. Plus I'm a Tottenham fan... I'm not going to Arsenal to see a gig!
  5. I was tempted by the Emirates, but Coventry is where I was born lol and I still live nearby, so it made sense. I went to Wembley last time, but, well, it's Wembley! Emirates/Etihad didn't seem worth travelling for.
  6. Got 4 seated this morning, easiest tickets bought ever. This'll be gig #5. I looked at the seating plan and couldn't see any restricted viewing seats? I would have thought, given it's a stadium, there'd be some where the stage obscures them? So I really am just hoping that I picked a good area lol. Anyone have any idea if a particular stand is obscured?
  7. Seemed a great gig, never seen Matt so chatty. He had to be on something. Loved watching the new songs, can't wait for Birmingham.
  8. Got 5 seated for my friends and I! Then went back and got 2 seated for my mom and uncle (who I wasn't sure if they'd wanna go, but given it was so unusually painless I managed to get them straight away). ROLL ON GIG 4!!!
  9. Does anyone know if you'll be able to buy more than 4 tickets tomorrow? When I bought Wembley tickets I was allowed 6, but my previous 2 gigs (NEC and NIA) the max allocated was 4. There's 5 of us going and I've kinda tasked myself with getting at least 4... I'd prefer seating but if I can only get 4 max then obviously that's out of the window, as they won't be together. May have to settle on 4 standing tomorrow if that's all I can get and assume someone else will be able to get a 5th.
  10. I definitely got the Middle-Eastern thing, too, but your comment about Dream Theater was kinda silly. They're a truly amazing band and one I would have thought most Muse songs would greatly appreciate due to some of the similarities the bands have. DT are total virtuosos in their musicianship and are infinitely talented. Seriously, don't bash them because you love Muse, check them out properly. Prog-rock at is finest. But that's not the point of this thread.
  11. The first time I heard Eurasia I immediately thought of Bohemian Rhapsody like everyone else probably did with the first transition, however I also caught whiff of another song I love, that being Dream Theater's In the Name of God. What I mean... 1:42 in Eurasia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKxN4JyGtoE 0:30 in In the Name of God: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SfwDA6lEho This might not be a particular nod from Muse to DT, but those of you familiar with DT may know that they did a tribute to Muse in their song "Never Enough", which somewhat fused the Stockholm Syndrome guitar riff with the Hysteria bassline. The result, is unsurprisingly, fantastic, so check it out, too. Anyway, to be honest, both songs I linked above remind me of a kinda "Egyptian" beat, reminiscent of the Egyptian Pyramid level in Sonic 3 & Knuckles lol, but I definitely get a similarity. Just me, or?
  12. I like how Dom is the one with the emboldened personal title, heh.

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