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Butch Vig talks about Dominic Howard (18/07/2012)


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VIDEO: Butch Vig talks Grohl, Hawkins, Howard, Cool and Chamberlin




"Dom is one of the nicest guys in the world. He has incredible chops, I mean he can play almost anything, I mean, to me he’s sort of the Neil Peart of this generation. He is so gifted. And he would just ask me, he’d play a fill and he’d say should I play this or this and he’d play…y’know, like every fill he would play would be mindblowing, y’know, and I’m like well that’s pretty cool, that’s pretty cool, I would have to take my drummer chops hat off and put on my production head and try to think what is gonna work for the song, what’s the best fill for a particular section, or what’s the best groove for any particular section and he’s…he’s really good at that. Um…as a threepiece band, I mean, Muse are so gifted though, they’re some of the best musicians I’ve ever worked with. They’re incredible…and I went to see them play a bunch of times on the last tour and…kinda blows my mind, Dom before he plays, warms up for like over an hour, he has a full kit next to their dressing room, um, he starts playing, he plays hard like he’s playing a real show so when he walks on stage he’s completely warmed up, sweating, y’know, it’s like he’s already halfway through a show in a way, and it just kinda blew my mind that he could do that & um, go out & play for 2 and a half hours…that’s…you gotta have your shit together to do that."
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