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    at the moment: kasabian, arctic monkeys and the black keys.
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    showbiz, origin of symmetry, absolution, hullabaloo, black holes and revelations, haarp, the resistance.
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    21/11/09 - bologna.
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    21/08/10 - krakow.
    28/08/11 - reading.
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  1. it won't, unless you put your ticket in the oven or something
  2. last few tickets available here: http://www.ticketone.it/muse-biglietti-pesaro.html?affiliate=ITT&doc=artistPages%2Ftickets&fun=artist&action=tickets&key=792260%242199028&jumpIn=yTix&kuid=461852&from=erdetaila
  3. just so you know, this same reviewer (Paolo Madeddu) gave The Resistance 3 stars and a half when it came out. and he wrote pretty much the same things
  4. so the only way to get a chance of going to this gig for non-UK residents is the .mu competition? is that right?
  5. VIDEO: Butch Vig talks Grohl, Hawkins, Howard, Cool and Chamberlin http://www.musicradar.com/rhythm/video-butch-vig-talks-grohl-hawkins-howard-cool-and-chamberlin-553366
  6. I know there's already a lot of people asking for this so it's probably pointless, but if you have 2 spare standing tickets for this gig (or know someone who does) please contact me! thanks
  7. got my ticket through the muse "lottery"! yay!
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