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  1. Pretty much same happened to me, I just kind of drifted away because life got in the way. I don't follow Muse's every move as obsessively as I used to and I'm not going to see them on the following tour but I still consider myself a fan. And I still think Matt Bellamy is a musical genius of some sort even though I don't like some of his songs on Drones or previous albums.
  2. I think it's rather interesting they are wearing the same kind of clothes. Makes me wonder if they are some kind of uniforms that they are going to use on gigs.
  3. Sarcasm or not, I don't like it that it's always brought up. Even with an innocent picture like that.
  4. Someone's got a dirty imagination and it isn't me or Carrie.
  5. Aaand the first question that got answered is what is their favorite food.
  6. "What is the favorite hair color you've had." Yes, this is very important information
  7. The reporter sounded like he was a 65-year-old jazz enthusiast who is still bitter about pop and rock music taking all the attention. It was also quite obvious he had only listened to The 2nd Law. Pretty good questions though.
  8. TIRO got a great response from the audience though. People screamed when they recognized the song and sang along. Muse will probably never leave it out of the setlist because so many people seem to love it. I think the crowd was pretty lame too. I was standing about 7 or 8 meters from the stage and even that near there were people who just stood there. At the beginning of the gig I was embarrassed to sing along, because no one else around me was singing. But I don't think it's that extraordinary, this is Finland after all, and people are reserved. And the crowd got going after awhile and and in the end of the gig everyone was singing and screaming around me. There was a guy next to me wearing a Muse shirt and at some point I looked at him and he had the most ecstatic look on his face I've ever seen People seemed to be absolutely thrilled after the gig, so many people were talking about it when I walked out of the arena. I had a great time even though I had to go alone. In case anyone was wondering who's that not-so-young woman who looks like she has come to the gig straight from the work, that was me, and I had rushed to the train straight from the work
  9. This. I don't know what they were thinking when they decided to have the presale on the next day after the gig. I'm either still in Helsinki or on my way home when the presale starts. I'm pretty sure there are other people who have the same problem. Muse really seem to hate Sweden.
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