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yes you think if he uses thier cymbals they could at least get his birthday correct


Yea, I think so! They got his birthdate waaaay wrong!


Well Matt did do a bit of 'drumming' for him on that Italian TV show.


That he did :chuckle:


They do have rather a cute pic of Dom on that site I must admit :D

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Fail. 12 July :LOL:

and under that it says "Find A Dealer" and stuff on how to find a dealer in your area :LOL:


I found my dealer! :LOL:. It's a surprise that they brought those cymbals to Poland tho :stunned:.


But 12.07 - :noey:. Fail...they could get the right date even from wikipedia...


But it's not the first time, really. In a book "Inside the Muscle Museum" Dom's birth date, place of birth and even Matt's info are all wrong :noey:. Only Chris is correct there :cool:.


Edit: I wrote an e-mail to Zildjian and they corrected Dom's birthday mistake :).


Thanks for your email. We have fixed the mistake.


It was probably sent to us as 7/12 – but the translation filter (overseas) read it as Dec. 7.

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