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  1. Thanks! In recordings he holds his middle finger on G string, I thought he used it somehow, but probably he only mutes with it. And imo he plays only 3032, then slides his finger from 2/3 and then plays chorus chords BTW Is OUTRO solo even possible to tab? I looked over every existent proshot, but he always manage to turn his back to camera or go away
  2. Heyo! Anybody knows how Matt plays (tab) this short part between chords ( )? He plays it on 2 | 3 fret but dont really know what it is exactly.. ////PS has anyone ever tabbed outro for pib? damn this is fast one xD
  3. Hello guys, I've just made a fanmade multicam from the last MUSE concert in the drones era... Live from Poland, Cracow ! Enjoy! // setlist include assassin and citizen erased!
  4. I've seen muse in Berlin 2013, and to tell you the truth It wasnt as good as I expected, german people seems to be a bit too calm and self-controlled, this crowd didnt seem to want lose control and go wild.Nevertheless the setlist was good Has anyone been to Finland/Denmark or Czech rep ? Any opinions about crowd here ?
  5. Hey everyone! Which one is the best crowd in your opinion? I mean, most crazy, energetic and violent ? Personally, I attended concerts in Poland and Germany, and polish crowd wins without a doubt whats yours thoughts ?
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