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  1. I peeked at the setlist after the first show, but only to scroll to the end and see how many songs were played and which was the last song (spoilers: we all know which is the last song). That said, that was a freaking awesome show. We can gripe about how there aren't enough rarities, but I think they throw a bone with the medleys. The song selection was pretty great considering they have to promote Simulation Theory the most, and the theatrics were pretty magnificent. Loved the storytelling of the set and production throughout, liked how they have a lot less downtown this time around, liked how they played more songs, liked the performers' artistry, liked the lighting and colors, loved the freaking giant monster. Definitely the best Muse arena show I've seen!
  2. They're like, "we love playing Fury but no one in the crowd knows or likes it other than a few hardcore fans." That probably cuts deep for all the Fury fanboys out there. I mean, if you love it, just play it, right? (And I'm not even in the Fury fanboy group; there are a dozen other B-sides I like better.)
  3. yeah, that venue is awesome and lived up to my expectations as well. Denver is pretty fun too. I flew in Saturday night and spent Sunday, Monday, and half of Tuesday there. Did a bunch of museum-y stuff (Clyfford Still, Denver Art, Botanic Gardens, Museum of Nature & Science, Museum of Contemporary Art) and a couple of local breweries in town. Definitely plan on visiting again!
  4. I agree completely. Just small touches like that make a huge improvement. Also, dang, you were at Red Rocks too?
  5. Oh cool! Since they've played the exact same setlist since coming back to the States, this hopefully means we get some good pro shots of B&H and TaB. Unless they don't play them.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wec4fo-hV-U&t=2s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_kNn45lJHI
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCW730tsK9g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqzUKnpyAMA&t=54s
  8. Alright, you win. They did Take a Bow. Anyway, Monday's show was awesome. I have tracked this tour all the way, but I intentionally didn't look up the setlists for San Fran or San Diego in hopes that they ***might*** change things up after coming back from Britain. So when I heard the Glastonbury 2004 intro, I pretty much geeked out and became a blabbering idiot. To put it another way... when you're bracing for the possibility of Resistance in that spot, and you get Butterflies when the band wasn't even playing it in America on this tour at all prior to this weekend, yeah, gonna get excited. Getting SS with 3 riffs was pretty cool. And I absolutely wasn't expecting Take a Bow. The rest of the set was what it was, and even the songs people normally crap on sounded great to me. I was ready to hate Dig Down, and while I still don't care for it at all as a single, it wasn't terrible live. Kind of an earworm (unfortunately), and the visuals were great. People sang along to all the American pop staples, plus older (but yes, well known) songs like Plug in Baby. But honestly, getting B&H and TaB made the show for me. I'm not going to be one of those unrealistic snobs who wants the uber rarities that only England gets once in a blue moon... or Zepp... or Montreaux. I accept that at this point in time, Muse is going to play their pop hits in America, and they're not going to do deep cuts, because they don't feel American fans know them. It sucks, and I'd love to have a show like Shepherd's Bush or Belfast (and I consider myself suuuuuuper lucky to have seen the Mayan show; that remains the best Muse gig I've ever attended). But in a regular touring show, sprinkle a couple of rarities... some good old school shit, and that drastically improves things. That's it...a couple. And I don't think that's unreasonable. Also, this was my first time attending Red Rocks, and OMG is that place incredible. The amphitheater in between two giant cleaven rocks, the city skyline beyond, the excellent sound... it was very cool. Plus, the crowd was pretty great. At least all around me. Took some video. Please pardon my dumb talking in B&H and TaB. My friend and I were super excited to not get the lackluster stuff we got the last time they went through SoCal in late 2015/16. (Also, while I don't dislike the song, it makes a huge difference not having to go through The Globalist and get a couple of nice songs instead.) Also, I'm pretty impressed with my phone's camera and its stabilization capabilities, because I was definitely bobbing and swaying more than the video suggests. :LOL: Overall, had a fantastic time and am super glad I made the trip! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wIV00B165E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_a9osS6cYo&t=30s
  9. If even one of those makes it, it would be unbelievable (like, literally, no one would believe it).
  10. Lucky you guys. I would have loved hearing it on the radio. We have two "new rock / new alternative" stations that totally played Dead Inside and Mercy. We have a classic rock station that wouldn't play Muse. We have another classic rock station that's become more "rock rock" that did not play it either.
  11. LOL, but we know that has negative chance. Just throw back to their last gig there, ten years ago, and give us a U.S. Montreaux or something. :LOL: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/muse/2007/red-rocks-amphitheatre-morrison-co-4bd65fce.html Like.. songs 8-11, which they haven't practiced at all this year and thus can't be reasonably expected to play, could be replaced by crap, but if the rest was the songs 10 years ago (including songs they played at SBE, so they're in practice), I'd be ok with that.
  12. I just want to point out that I have never heard Reapers on any L.A. area rock station, so I'm really curious just exactly where "Reapers" was a single. Exactly how widespread could it have really been if it wasn't even played in LA FM radio? In Europe... America left a lot to desire for a lot of fans.
  13. Sadly. But I hope we're wrong. Will find out for sure 9/15...
  14. Well shit, I'll happily take Belfast's set tonight in the North American Tour. I'll very likely be disappointed, but maybe they can play something like that when they come back to the U.S. next month... (notgonnahappenbuthey..)
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