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  1. Septic Service Owasso


    You should have your tank cleaned regularly, according to the chart below, to prevent potentially expensive problems with your septic system. A septic system requires periodic maintenance in order to get the maximum benefits.

  2. Didn't someone say yesterday that there were two hidden videos? I think the other one will probably give us more of a clue as to what's going on.
  3. I wouldn't say so, the thing I like most overall actually is the way the lyrics work with the music, quite poetic lyrics combined with a sort of post-hardcore sound, not something you hear often enough.
  4. Cool, great job on the mix as well. What song's yours? You've got a really great sound anyway and I wish you all the best.
  5. No problem, credit where credit is due! One of my friends has a pretty similar taste in music to me, I can imagine him getting quite into this, so I'll try and spread the word a little bit. What do you do in the band?
  6. I really like this, may actually one of the better things I've heard this year!
  7. I actually put supremacy near the bottom, not the worst but nowhere near the top.
  8. Showbiz Showbiz Sunburn Muscle Museum HTAILY Cave Uno Spiral Static Falling Down Escape Unintended Sober Fillip Overdue OOS Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Megalomania Space Dementia Bliss Dark shines Hyper Music Screenager New Born Plug in Baby Futurism Feeling Good Absolution Ruled By secrecy Fury Endlessly Stockholm Syndrome Apocalypse Please Butterflies and Hurricanes Hysteria The small Print Blackout Sing For Absolution Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Time is running out BHaR City Of delusion Take a bow Supermassive black hole Map of the problematique Hoodoo Glorious Knights Of Cydonia Assassin (Again DMG would be higher) Soldiers poem Starlight Exo-politics Invincible The Resistance I belong to you Mk Ultra Exo pt. 3 Exo pt. 1 Undisclosed desires Exo pt. 2 Uprising Unnatural selection United States of eurasia Resistance Guiding light The 2nd Law Isolated system Panic Station Follow me Animals Unsustainable Survival Explorers Supremacy Big Freeze Liquid State Madness Save me
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