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  1. About as annoying as with any other kind of tuner I guess haha. I have some and the only thing that locks is really the string gets kinda pinched into the hole of the tuner, so that you don't have to wrap it around. It doesn't affect the way the peg head turns at all.
  2. [YT] [/YT] Kinda messed up the most epic part, but this was like the 20th take and I couldn't bother doing it again still sounds decent hopefully
  3. Nitt

    AF Guitars

    love 2nd, 4th and last.. would buy them all if I had money
  4. Any recommendations for a nice little bedroom amp from which I could get some decent blues tones? Looking for something that comes close to this: [YT] [/YT]
  5. I think it's more supposed to look like a gretsch white falcon
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XrFl6I0J3E That toan...
  7. Thanks guys, I'll post more pictures once it's completed I can't fvujngdfnbding wait.
  8. Putting this together, its pretty sweet so far, should be done next month ! Fender road worn MIM alder body Warmoth maple + ebony neck with satin nitro finish (wonderful) And a wilkinson trem bridge... Gonna drop some schaller locking tuners in, a dimarzio tone zone S in bridge (with a ton of wiring shizzle for maximum versatility ) and two fender texas specials in neck and middle... Should sound sweet!
  9. I've seen schaller ones that needed 13/32" (10mm) tuner holes but I'd like to avoid drilling.. I'm not really experienced and I don't know any trustworthy people who could do it around here. So I was just wondering if anyone knew of a brand that makes them in 11/32". Other option would be to get non-HAPs and have a string tree I guess
  10. Uhh.. Been having a nightmare trying to find 6 in line HAP locking tuners to fit in 11/32" (9mm I believe) tuner holes. Can anyone help? I'm going nuts
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