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  1. It’s a couple of the performers it looks like. During Algorithm (regular version not the alternate version)
  2. I saw a schedule somewhere (reddit maybe?) that showed early doors were supposed to be at 6:25 so something went wrong for sure. It’s unclear whether it was CID entertainment’s fault or the venues, or maybe even a communication error but either way, yeah that shit sucks for people that paid over $200 expecting to be let in early
  3. He did but not during starlight like usual. I think it was during mercy, don’t quite remember. And I think the walk was shorter than before too
  4. It’s usually from radio stations that make contests or have you call in to the station and you win the tickets. They don’t sell them as a vip package
  5. Could be. I did see a couple of other people mention Stranger Things but it’s all speculation at this point. However there is the Kyle Lambert connection which could point at Muse working with Stranger Things for a while on this. As far as black mirror goes, the only connection would be that Matt has talked about liking that show several times during interviews
  6. Matt said it’s a song he wrote for a “popular tv show” and that it’ll be released in April. People are speculating either black mirror or game of thrones
  7. Marking price down to $150. Face value plus fees was $275
  8. I got my email about an hour ago. Went to my spam folder. It says doors open to the public at 6:30 but it doesn’t say when they open for those of us with early entry
  9. hmm I don’t see our big scary friend but I do see two MattBots. I wonder if Steve is taking a break
  10. Yes, the arcade is only for enhanced experience ticket holders. You had to buy the $400 Enhanced Experience ticket (not the $260 EE) to get access to those.
  11. Selling one ticket for this show. Row X section 120. Let me know if you’re interested
  12. Selling one VIP GA ticket for this show. Let me know if you’re interested. It’s the VIP package with the early entry and lunchbox but doesn’t come with the VR games
  13. I showed up 2-3 hours early (I think) to the show in Austin back in 2017 and was able to get almost to the barrier. I had one or two people in front of me and I was standing in front of Matt’s microphone. I also had vip for that concert so we got to go in 15-30 minutes before the rest of the GA people went in but they did it in groups for some reason. Not sure if that’s how it’ll be this time around or if they’ll just let us all go at once. Most venues let you in with a closed water bottle. I would take one just in case because it can get pretty hot down there
  14. Yes, I’m doing that. What all do you need to know?
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