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  1. I've tried all the codes mentioned, I even got the email. I just am getting a "none available" message.
  2. Amen. The kitchen sink analogy really works well. The Resistance definately was a mess sonically. (Wow, never typed that word before). This new stuff sounds better but the choir sounds a bit out of place. Matt is not a composer. No matter how much he wishes.
  3. I still can't decide to if i should get a ticket.... if my expectations are low, i won't go. I've been disappointed by them before. Although, in general, your opinion is a very good opinion to take.
  4. Yes, i don't mind undisclosed, took me a while to get used to it. But a whole album like that, i don't think it would work... I don't think its that great in terms of comparing it to other electronic based songs. Really does pale in comparison to Radiohead or Aphex twin or something, or the new 65days of static. They weren't playing these rare songs before, its not like i'll be expecting them now. Whenever he's interviewed, Bellamy always mentions, does it offend you yeah, Justice and other music acts like that. He keeps talking about 90's rave music. I somehow doubt this can end well...
  5. I'n kinda annoyed by all this, i was fine not paying butt loads of money to see Muse again and be disappointed. But now he says all these things just to tease us fans of OoS. I honestly think he means it when he he'll never play songs from that album again, look at Showbiz, really rare any songs from there, Cave doesn't count, that was a special thing in '09 i think. From rumors i've heard and general banter between friends, i think Bellamy's musical opinions have changed. just look at the new album, its soooo different, Undisclosed Desires especially, if the new album is similar to that, and Muse have just given up on their guitar rock based roots so drastically i don't think i'll care or be a fan of the new material. Thet have changed as a band, with their musical direction and seem to be giving the old stuff an official send off. Sigh. the new album will be in this new direction, and fans praying for Abs and BHaR rarities will be disappointed time and time again, like they were for years hoping for older rare songs. the future, in my mind, doesn't look good for fans of old Muse.
  6. Would a drumkit work in zero G? Or simulated zero g, that space plane only just leaves the atmosphere. They'll have to leave Dom behind just take the electric instruments
  7. PoisonMeteor

    Funny Moments

    I think it was "piano mic test... test 1, 2, fucking fucking little fuckers YEAH!"
  8. I think i remember that! I was on the barrier almost, looking right down the runway, a lot of stuff got threw at them there! Does anyone remember when some red LED glasses landed by Chris' feet? Was such a big cheer when he put them on, i threw them back though, probably the flashing would put him off the beat!
  9. Someone had to be pulled out over the barrier near me during RBS right before it got heavy. I was watching the countdown on the screen it got to about 15 seconds and my friend said 'you better hurry up!' to the bouncer. Seemed quite funny at the time, just as the bouncer was pulling the person out the drums kicked in and their job got a whole lot harder!
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