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  1. aerospace engineering, finished my first year, living off campus for my 2nd. Do you or have you ever been to No Wave ?

  2. Still got one year to go - I had two gap years you see - what you studying?

  3. Beddo

    Marvin the Buchla

    Alright, ok, you got me - work it with proficiency then
  4. Beddo

    Marvin the Buchla

    I wish I could work one of those things/afford one of those things - i wonder how it sounds on the album???
  5. Beddo

    Marvin the Buchla

    I think Johnny stops at Line 6 pedals, and I think they might even make his hurt
  6. Beddo

    Marvin the Buchla

    2 x 12 Powered Cabinets 1 x Control and Signal Router 2 x MIDI Decoder/Preset Managers 1 x System Interface (2 Panel Units) 1 x Dual Arbitrary Function Generator (2 Panel Units) 1 x Arbitrary Function Generator (2 Panel Units) 1 x Quad Control Voltage Processor 3 x Complex Waveform Generators 1 x Duophonic Pitch Class Generator 3 x Complex Waveform Generators 1 x Source of Uncertainty 2 x Quad Function Generators 2 x Triple Morphing filters 2 x Quad Dynamics Managers ... wait for it ... System price ... ... $27,400!!! and one of them is a "Source of Uncertainty"!!! That costs $850 on it's own!
  7. Beddo

    Marvin the Buchla

    I think the patch leeds route the sound through different synth effects but that is only a guess. I'm not sure. I think there is abasic input sound which is changed as you put it through more and more effects like oscillators, envelopes, filters, sequencers etc. etc. In fact wikipedia explains it better! Wiki: Modular Synths
  8. Beddo

    Marvin the Buchla

    Oh Jeez - i don't really like to venture on to main Muse - it's so har to keep up with all the posts so I just leave and stay out of it for a while - anyway I think this counts as kit and tab. So this is for all the kit and tab only peeps
  9. Beddo

    Marvin the Buchla

    I'm in my second year of music production and it's abit of a head scratcher from what I can see! I don't often use analog synths mind so I'm sure someone knows more than me ...
  10. That throws a bit of light on that quote - at least it did for me... Buchla Website
  11. I do - which album do you think I should play in her sleep. The Hullabaloo B-sides is what I usually try but Muse don't play what you might call soporific music. She seems impervious - sings along and stuff but just not fully enthused. It's so hard
  12. I do I do and she went to Earl's court with me (and bought me my cool EC T-Shirt) but she just not quite there ... there's no spontaneous Muse conversations or that sorta thing
  13. How cool! I wish my girlfriend was a Muserer ... she's still cool mind
  14. How's about trying to get as many people to put Musevangelism as their religion on their census? I'll build the church ... or maybe "The Church of the Sub-Genius" ... Mwahahahaha *builds church out of lego and prays to the Matt-God"
  15. I thoguth that was just his setup with pickups, FF and Diezel but maybe it is a bit of chorus - I know wht you mean about the harmonics though.
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